February 17, 2011

That GOOD GOOD Around the Web

New(ish) Music Videos: There have been quite a few music videos that came out within the past month that I really liked so I thought I would share some of them with you. Some of you have most likely seen these already but if not, enjoy!

 This mini motion picture came out a couple days ago and I immediately fell in love. There is so much hidden stuff in this video which made it so much more interesting to watch.

This is one of my favorite tracks off of Return of The Ankh and I thought this video was creative. It was directed by Flying Lotus, one of my favorite beat makers.

I haven’t talked about Wale very much on this blog but he is an artist that I am quite fond of. I thought this video was really creative, I really like how it drew inspiration from the movie 500 Days of Summer. If you have never heard of that movie, I encourage you to watch it! And you may want to click here to watch the trailer before you watch this music video so you can fully appreciate the similarities.

The spring line of PeaceImages jewelry has arrived! Camille Peace, the creator of PeaceImages, has been posting up photos of her new “peaces” and I am loving what I’m seeing. You can check out the collection here. If you didn’t get a chance to read the interview I did with Camille, click here!

I was talking to a friend earlier this week about online clothing stores and when I brought up the store Nasty Gal she told me she had never heard of it which shocked me but also made me realize there are probably many more people who have never heard of this fabulous store. Nasty Gal is an online store which sells a beautifully eclectic mix of both name brand and vintage clothing. Name brands sold at Nasty Gal include Jeffrey Campbell, Dolce Vita, Black Milk, Cheap Monday, Wildfox, and MINKPINK amongst many many many others. 

Link Lovin’: As usual, I feel like sharing some of my favorite blogs and websites with you all! I hope you love them as much as I do. 

 This website is absolutely excellent! One of my favorite spots online by far! The writing is so engaging, the content is not only relevant but also extremely interesting, and the photography is absolutely excellent. I feel like this website epitomizes how a blog should be and I can only hope to reach this level someday myself!

This blog is run by Darien Victor Birks who is half of The Stuyvesants, a duo of producers who combined their talents to create an amazing instrumental hip hop album entitled, Brooklyn. The things I love most about this blog are the amazing mixes that Darien makes. He really does have an ear for great music! 

This is a really good blog for anyone who is into urban fashion. The two young men who created it are undeniably fly and they do a good job styling some of their friends as well. Definitely a resource for fashion inspiration! 


  1. You're just leaking out all the best sites into the main stream. Stop! Just kidding. Love the way you support the positive circle. Onward forward.

  2. Anonymous2/17/2011

    Is so much dopeness allowed in one single post?!!? I don't think so LOL! I love those videos and THANK YOU for putting me on to Madbury Club! AMAZING!!!!!!

  3. That Cee Lo video is nice! WOW. I really enjoyed it, thank you for posting it. I love everything in this post actually so good job lol!

  4. absolutely in love with The Madbury Club... ♥

  5. Good gracious woman! You caught me up on the week's dopeness in one post.

    Much love to you and thank you for the shoutout!


  6. these posts are just love overload for me! :) thanks for sharing :D

  7. LOVE the Madbury Club, one of my favorite blogs!

    oh and that Cee-Lo video is crazy. He's getting better all the time!

  8. P. Turner2/17/2011

    I love the Blaque Book! They look GREAT, i never heard of it before.

    I love Wale's video, I also never heard of 500 days of summer so i had no idea why it was like that so thank you for telling me that also lol.

    I feel like I learn 5 new things everytime I'm on this blog

  9. your blog it becoming more interesting everytime you post new ones :D


  10. Your music taste is amazing. And nasty gal is amazing too! :P
    Aren't those wedges so comfortable? Love them!


  11. I NEED and WANT those jewelry <3

  12. One of the authors from the BlaqueBook goes to my school, The University of Alabama.

    They are doing good things.

  13. DOPENESS!!! All across!

    That's the new celo green song!
    Yesterday i was tryna tell my friend the name of the song, and completley forgot mannn :/ bummerr - now I've just looked at your post haa!!
    Loving it :)


  15. I had a good time going through your links.

  16. LOVE it all! FLWRPT is cool, I like those mixes as well! And I love E. BADUs video as well as Cee-Lo, that video is sickkkkkkkk!

  17. I haden't heard of Nasty Gal before so thank you for putting me on!!!

  18. Anonymous2/18/2011

    That Cee-Lo song AND video is amazing!

  19. Thank you all for commenting! I'm so glad you guys liked the post :)

  20. Lovely collection! I especially like PeaceImages and the Madbury Club


  21. OOo Nasty Gal- I could spend hours on that site.. there's so much style goodness on there for both inspiration and wardrobe stock-up!

    Definitely go for the snood- it's a fun accessory, and kinda reminds me of Lady Gaga ;P ;P Thank you- we had a good time with my grandma, and she had a great time, too! xx

  22. Love your blog!
    We arefollow you back!

  23. i like the cee lo video and nice blog!
    now following!

  24. wow... your blog is Amazing!!!!!!!! you have good freaking taste, im surprised you popped by my blog, im guessing you might have been momentarily lost. lol. but oh wow, thanks for the compliment. im blushing to a slight shade of purple now. lol.

  25. The Ceelo Green video is sooo creative. I'm in love! lol 500 days of summer should have been 50 in my opinion:P The movie was great, just too long; I actually fell asleep watching it! But then again, I fall asleep pretty easily;)

  26. going to school in the District for the past few years, Wale and I have bumped shoulders a bunch of times! Great song, and video concept, he is definitely a little romantic

  27. i love wale's "breakup song",especially the expectations and reality...i like the blaque book.
    NICE BLOG!! and thanks for leaving a comment on my post dee o.

  28. niiiice :] im such a grandma about music videos, im always so busy i never get a chance to see whats hot haha
    so i enjoyed those :] i love erykahhh!

    and thank you for the kind words.. come and train with me, we will get you dancing too haha

  29. Thank you all so much for comments :)

  30. Great post!!!!!!!!!



  31. wow this post is overloaded with good stuff! keep it up! and yeah, nastygal is only existent to those who figure their ways around the net! i love it too!

  32. Cee Lo rocks.... super nice dude, too... much more low key than you'd ever, ever think... another story for another day... And Nasty Gal is fabulous!
    Happy Monday! xo

    B So Chic!

  33. so glad i saw this post - just checked out the jewellery and it's gorgeous.


  34. i LOVE the cee-lo video, i hadn't seen it, so thanks for sharing!!

  35. Hi hun. It's Darien Victor Birks of flwrpt. He's a buddy of mine so I wanted to call it out.

    Great post!

  36. Oh snap, thank you for letting me know about that typo. I need to start proof reading these posts!

  37. I love Nasty Gal! So much good stuff! But I try not to go, cuz I'm broke (I'm a big online shopper). I love me some Cee Lo and Erykah! Thanks for posting the vids (I dnt always go out of my way to watch music videos these days)!

    So hip, I love it!



  38. Anonymous3/04/2011

    love flwrpt and thank goodness i found your blog too!



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