October 16, 2012

A Look Through My Lens, Part 8

A Look Through My Lens is an ongoing series on That GOOD GOOD Blog which features awe-inspiring photographers from all over the world. I have had the absolute privilege of interviewing 14 photographers thus far through this series and today I have yet another amazing addition to the ‘A Look Through My Lens’ family, Faisal Mohammed from Atlanta, GA. As always, I interviewed today's featured photographer and his responses to my questions accompany his gorgeous photos in this post. Please enjoy Faisal's story as he shares about his passion for his art form and where his love of photography all began.

I have been into photography for over a year now. I began drawing at a young age and I've always known I wanted to be an artist. I was introduced to a girl by some friends of mine, and she happened to be a photographer. We started hanging out very often and her photos intrigued me. I became very interested in the art form and asked her to teach me more. The rest is history. We barely speak now, but I'm thankful for all she taught me. I guess we meet people for a reason right?
I take really earthy, natural photos. It can vary from portraits to editorials but with a different approach and style.

Dark, thoughtful, and interesting are words I would use to describe my photography. I’m still experimenting, I want to be versatile. My portraits and personal projects have a lot of darkness to them. I take a different approach to other projects that I do.
People,objects and fashion are my favorite things to capture. With people: the different auras certain individuals have around them, the scars on their skin, and the stories written in their eyes. With objects: the little objects we fail to pay attention to. With Fashion: The color, the style, the awkward postures.

I use a Canon Rebel xsi. A friend of mine was looking to upgrade his equipment and had it for sale, but I had no funds at the time. I spoke to a relative and he lent me some money for the camera. Best $300 i've ever spent. I haven't found the need purchase another camera yet i have learned to love this one.
 I admire a lot of photographers, both new and old: Kesler Tran for his subjects and style - Rog Walker, Andre Wagner and Josh Wool for their story telling abilities, and Gordon Parks, Arthur Elgort and Patrick Demarchelier for their intriguing photographs. Each and every one of these photographers inspire me a lot.


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  1. All very dope pictures! I really want to get into photography and this was great inspiration.

  2. AMAZZZZZZZZZING. Gosh, I wish I was a photographer!

  3. such beautiful pictures... This guy is very good... I like!!

  4. Anonymous10/16/2012

    i'm speechless, his work is breathtaking!
    so simple yet, so complex at the same time.

  5. Thank you all for the feedback! It's greatly appreciated.

  6. This is excellent. I may have to feature him myself.

    Thanks for sharing, Dee! I hope you can stop by my site soon.

    Take care!


  7. wow! Arresting images. I'm particularly impressed by the 2rd and 4th images.

  8. These works of art are breathtaking! He is truly a great artist and he is most certainly "reviving the cool".

  9. Great pictures and great info. I need to get a camera.

  10. wow.. all your pictures just make it clear to me that i need to say and buy my camera!!.lol
    thank your for your lovely comment on my blog. maybe we can follow each other? tell me what u think!
    Issie xox



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