December 8, 2012

Photography from Lakin Ogunbanwo

Lakin Ogunbanwo’s photography is nothing short of stunning. Every aspect of his photos, from the subjects he captures to the manner in which he captures them, intrigues. They pull you in. Enjoy!


November 18, 2012

Yasiin Bey x A. Sauvage for Dr. Martens

I absolutely adore these shots of my favorite MC, Mos Def (Yasiin Bey), sporting footwear from A. Sauvage’s collaboration with Dr. Martens. Adrien Sauvage is a 27 year old British designer and a truly multifaceted mind. Not only does he make impeccable clothing, he is also a brilliant filmmaker. Two of his short films, The Student and The Art of DE, can be found at the very bottom of this post. Enjoy!  

October 23, 2012

Songs I Currently Have On Repeat

For those of you who may not know, I’ve been tumblin’ my little heart out for the past few months at the official music tumblr of That GOOD GOOD Blog. I’m so pleased about the warm reception that this music microblog has been getting; I definitely was not expecting to have hundreds of followers and thousands of hits so quickly! Hopefully all of you who have visited GOODGOODmusic have found at least one song that caught your attention. I consider myself extremely lucky to have platforms, such as GOODGOODmusic & this blog, to express my interests and to share the wonderful things of this world that I feel do not receive the attention they deserve.  I feel especially strongly about this as it pertains to music.  I know I sound like a broken record when I say this, but there are so many immensely talented musicians who get overlooked nowadays.  However, thanks to sites such as Tumblr which make music sharing so simple, I think people are becoming more and more exposed to/aware of good music. The past few months have been an especially good time for music (in my humble opinion); quite a few of the artists I really enjoy have recently released new albums and singles. Below are a few of my favorite new(ish) songs at the moment. Enjoy!

Getting There by Flying Lotus feat. Niki Randa  |  Until The Quiet Comes by Flying Lotus
One of my all-time favorite producers, Flying Lotus, dropped his fourth album entitled Until the Quiet Comes early this month. The album boasts of 18 ethereal pieces, including collaborations with Erykah Badu, Thom Yorke, Niki Randa, and Laura Darlington. The soundscapes that FlyLo managed to create are nothing short of gorgeous. If you enjoy instrumentals, I highly recommend this album. 

This is one of the songs I’ve been playing the most lately. I really admire Chaz Bundick’s production skills; the multiple layers of sound in the beat of this track set an exuberant yet controlled tone for the song. This, in conjunction with his simple yet sufficient singing, truly make for a brilliant piece. Keep an eye out for his new upcoming album, Anything In Return, which drops January 22, 2013.

The Robert Glasper Experiment is at it again! For those of you who enjoyed the album Black Radio, you will definitely appreciate the reworking of some tracks from the album on Black Radio Recovered. This remix EP features remixes of 6 songs, including a personal favorite of mine: Little Dragon’s “Twice”. I rarely appreciate remixes, especially when the original songs themselves are so incredible. However, I feel that Robert Glasper & co. absolutely killed it on just about every track.    

Blu & Exile’s latest album, Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them, is actually a mastered version of the EP they released last year with the same name. I remember listening to the EP and thinking about how beautiful the songs were, but I couldn’t help but feel that they sounded unfinished. Needless to say, I was very happy when the mastered version was released. Although I don’t find this album to be as strong as Blu & Exile’s previous album, Below the Heavens, it offers the great production and heartfelt lyricism I have come to expect from this dynamic duo.  The video for the included song, Maybe One Day, recently dropped as well, be sure to check it out by clicking here.    

October 16, 2012

A Look Through My Lens, Part 8

A Look Through My Lens is an ongoing series on That GOOD GOOD Blog which features awe-inspiring photographers from all over the world. I have had the absolute privilege of interviewing 14 photographers thus far through this series and today I have yet another amazing addition to the ‘A Look Through My Lens’ family, Faisal Mohammed from Atlanta, GA. As always, I interviewed today's featured photographer and his responses to my questions accompany his gorgeous photos in this post. Please enjoy Faisal's story as he shares about his passion for his art form and where his love of photography all began.

I have been into photography for over a year now. I began drawing at a young age and I've always known I wanted to be an artist. I was introduced to a girl by some friends of mine, and she happened to be a photographer. We started hanging out very often and her photos intrigued me. I became very interested in the art form and asked her to teach me more. The rest is history. We barely speak now, but I'm thankful for all she taught me. I guess we meet people for a reason right?
I take really earthy, natural photos. It can vary from portraits to editorials but with a different approach and style.

Dark, thoughtful, and interesting are words I would use to describe my photography. I’m still experimenting, I want to be versatile. My portraits and personal projects have a lot of darkness to them. I take a different approach to other projects that I do.
People,objects and fashion are my favorite things to capture. With people: the different auras certain individuals have around them, the scars on their skin, and the stories written in their eyes. With objects: the little objects we fail to pay attention to. With Fashion: The color, the style, the awkward postures.

I use a Canon Rebel xsi. A friend of mine was looking to upgrade his equipment and had it for sale, but I had no funds at the time. I spoke to a relative and he lent me some money for the camera. Best $300 i've ever spent. I haven't found the need purchase another camera yet i have learned to love this one.
 I admire a lot of photographers, both new and old: Kesler Tran for his subjects and style - Rog Walker, Andre Wagner and Josh Wool for their story telling abilities, and Gordon Parks, Arthur Elgort and Patrick Demarchelier for their intriguing photographs. Each and every one of these photographers inspire me a lot.

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October 7, 2012

En Route: A Print Story by Rog Walker

New York-based photographer, Rog Walker, has created a remarkable series photographs available for print entitled En Route. The series portrays the nature of a journey; the ebb and the flow of our paths - from the pleasurable moments of excitement and joy, to the darker moments of burdens and uncertainty. Rog portrays these differing tones creatively through the incorporation of tires in the images. The tires are a representation of the experiences an individual may encounter while on his or her journey. Rog's work never fails to astound me. His photos manage to tell a story without the use of words. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Rog Walker, feel free to check out his A Look Through My Lens feature here. Below are a few of the captivating images from the series. The rest can be viewed by clicking here

September 8, 2012

Until The Quiet Comes: A Short Film by Kahlil Joseph

Enjoy this short film by Kahlil Joseph featuring 3 songs from Los Angeles based music producer Flying Lotus' upcoming album, Until The Quiet Comes. The album's scheduled release date is October 2nd and if this video is any indication of what we can expect, it will be nothing short of amazing. 

August 20, 2012

He's Got That Good Good: Steven Onoja

Hello, lovely people! I am quite excited to present you all with today’s He’s Got That Good Good feature: a well-dressed young man named Steven Onoja, residing in New York by way of Nigeria. I really enjoy Steven’s balanced & eclectic style. Whether in a two piece suit or in jeans and a tee, he always manages to pull off an effortlessly cool look. Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to..

Steven Onoja from New York, NY

How old are you?
I'm 23 years old

What do you do for a living?
I'm a student, artist and a menswear blogger

What 3 words would you use to describe your style?
If I had to describe my personal style: Classic, bold, masculine.

Where are your favorite places to shop?
The local thrift store usually tops my list. I really couldn't remember the last time I stepped foot into mall and purchased much but when I do, I usually head to Topman, J. Crew, and Urban Outfitters. 

What is the 1 article of clothing that you couldn't live without?
A slim fit pant or denim jeans from Levi's 

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