October 23, 2012

Songs I Currently Have On Repeat

For those of you who may not know, I’ve been tumblin’ my little heart out for the past few months at goodgoodmusic.tumblr.com: the official music tumblr of That GOOD GOOD Blog. I’m so pleased about the warm reception that this music microblog has been getting; I definitely was not expecting to have hundreds of followers and thousands of hits so quickly! Hopefully all of you who have visited GOODGOODmusic have found at least one song that caught your attention. I consider myself extremely lucky to have platforms, such as GOODGOODmusic & this blog, to express my interests and to share the wonderful things of this world that I feel do not receive the attention they deserve.  I feel especially strongly about this as it pertains to music.  I know I sound like a broken record when I say this, but there are so many immensely talented musicians who get overlooked nowadays.  However, thanks to sites such as Tumblr which make music sharing so simple, I think people are becoming more and more exposed to/aware of good music. The past few months have been an especially good time for music (in my humble opinion); quite a few of the artists I really enjoy have recently released new albums and singles. Below are a few of my favorite new(ish) songs at the moment. Enjoy!

Getting There by Flying Lotus feat. Niki Randa  |  Until The Quiet Comes by Flying Lotus
One of my all-time favorite producers, Flying Lotus, dropped his fourth album entitled Until the Quiet Comes early this month. The album boasts of 18 ethereal pieces, including collaborations with Erykah Badu, Thom Yorke, Niki Randa, and Laura Darlington. The soundscapes that FlyLo managed to create are nothing short of gorgeous. If you enjoy instrumentals, I highly recommend this album. 

This is one of the songs I’ve been playing the most lately. I really admire Chaz Bundick’s production skills; the multiple layers of sound in the beat of this track set an exuberant yet controlled tone for the song. This, in conjunction with his simple yet sufficient singing, truly make for a brilliant piece. Keep an eye out for his new upcoming album, Anything In Return, which drops January 22, 2013.

The Robert Glasper Experiment is at it again! For those of you who enjoyed the album Black Radio, you will definitely appreciate the reworking of some tracks from the album on Black Radio Recovered. This remix EP features remixes of 6 songs, including a personal favorite of mine: Little Dragon’s “Twice”. I rarely appreciate remixes, especially when the original songs themselves are so incredible. However, I feel that Robert Glasper & co. absolutely killed it on just about every track.    

Blu & Exile’s latest album, Give Me My Flowers While I Can Smell Them, is actually a mastered version of the EP they released last year with the same name. I remember listening to the EP and thinking about how beautiful the songs were, but I couldn’t help but feel that they sounded unfinished. Needless to say, I was very happy when the mastered version was released. Although I don’t find this album to be as strong as Blu & Exile’s previous album, Below the Heavens, it offers the great production and heartfelt lyricism I have come to expect from this dynamic duo.  The video for the included song, Maybe One Day, recently dropped as well, be sure to check it out by clicking here.    


  1. This is awesome of you. I am often on the search of something worthy of listening, that doesn't sound like every other music I hear. I went through some of your play list early this morning, as I write my papers and it was quite pleasant! I do, do, absolutely love your blog.

    Keep it awesome.

  2. Anonymous10/23/2012

    I love Robert Glasper!! GOOD GOOD music indeed =)

  3. I love your music selections, and everyone else does too! Don't be surprised girl! Now following on the tumblr! Oow!



  4. YES!!! Always love your music picks. And I've been jamming to your tumblr too, GOOD stuff!

  5. Awesome.. :D

    http://mobi-freax.blogspot.in :D

  6. Wonderful post...love it.*_*
    Maybe follow each other on BLOGLOVIN and GFC???
    My Blog

  7. Anonymous1/24/2013

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    Haven't been here in a while but I'm playing catch up today. The art you exhibit is flawless, per usual.

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