September 21, 2010

People You Should Know: Chris Akinyemi

Hello people! I am back with another People You Should Know Interview and I am so eager to share this amazing talent with you all. So please allow me to introduce..

Chris Akinyemi

For any of you all who have read any of my posts about music, you should know that I don’t settle for anything less than amazing. Music is such a huge part of my life…it is my therapist when I am under emotional stress. It is my translator when I’m having trouble expressing myself through my words. It is my imaginary boyfriend when the guys in my life are slacking. It is what makes me who I am because I am inspired by it every time I hear it & I listen to it every single day. The music that speaks to me the most are the songs that I hear and I can tell that the artist put some thought into the words he or she are singing. Anyone can put a bunch of words together, make them rhyme, add a beat to it, and call it a song. It takes a true artist, however, to actually be able to inspire people through their music. It takes true talent to sit down and come up with a song that tells a story that listeners can relate to and be touched by. It takes true passion to use one’s own personal experiences, whether it was the moment you laid eyes on the person you thought you’d be with forever or the moment that very person tore your heart into a million pieces, and turn that into a masterpiece to be shared with countless other individuals who have most likely been through the same experiences. It takes a true musician to bear their soul through their music and I feel Chris Akinyemi does just that.

Chris Akinyemi's sound is one that I find so unique & refreshing. In a world where most artists focus so much on their image that their music suffers and is mediocre at best, it is so heartening to find that there are still individuals whose focus is on showcasing their individuality and creativity through their music. Chris Akinyemi is definitely one of these special few artists, his personality and outlook on life shines through his music. Chris is a New Jersey based singer/songwriter whose song entitled Radio is earning him some much deserved attention.
How long have you been singing?
11, one of the reasons I started is because I was writing music and I couldn’t find anyone else to sing them, so I figured I’d do it.

What has your experience been like in the music industry thus far?
It’s been educating, I’m learning a lot of things that I never knew about.

Has there ever been a time that you seriously doubted yourself as far as your music career goes and if so, how did you overcome your doubt?
There was a time when I had doubt, but my passion for this is what keeps me going.

What is your favorite thing to write about when you are creating a song?
I love writing about life in general. The joy and sadness of it.

Who is one musician today that you have respect for and what about this individual caused he/she to earn your respect?
John Mayer, I respect him because he’s always himself and he’s personal with his music, which is something I could relate to.

Would you rather do a completely sold out show in Yankee Stadium or an intimate performance in a local café & why?
For me it’s not how big the venue is, it’s about performing for people no matter how many who paid to come and see you, they could have spent their money on something else.

If I went through your iPod, what kind of music would I find on it?
You would find everything from John Mayer, Amy Winehouse, Jack Johnson, Seal, Kanye, Stevie Wonder, Chiddy Bang to Fela. I can’t name all of them; we’d have a page full.

In your song Radio you speak on how a lot of the music played on the music sounds the same. So do you listen to the radio at all? And if so, which station(s)?
I barely listen to the radio. I mostly listen to CDs; albums of artists I like.

Where has Radio been getting rotation so far?
It has been getting airplay on PNC Radio FM, WHCR 90.3 FM so keep on requesting people!

What do you have planned for the future of your music career, can we be expecting an album soon?
I plan on getting the world to be familiar with who I am as a artist, person and what I stand for. Also I have an EP coming out this fall entitled “Autumn”.

"Turn my guitar up and my radio down. The industry needs change and I'ma come now
These so called artists all sound so lame, and real music never get no play
everybody want three minutes of fame. One hit wonders are getting lame
This is what makes me feel like
I was born to keep the music alive"
This is the chorus to Radio and I feel it is so on point as far as addressing the current state of music. Nowadays, if you want to listen to that real music, that GOOD GOOD for your ears, you have to hunt far, deep and wide. It is so sad that the world will never get to hear some of the most beautiful music because radio stations keep playing the same 5 songs over and over and over again to the point where people forget that other music exists! I am someone who is greatly inspired by strong individuals. People who are not afraid to stand up and speak their minds in an artistic way. Chris isn't the only person who feels this way about music, trust me. I am the first person to complain about how the radio, a tool which was once the vehicle which allowed a wide variety of music to be heard by a multitude of people, has turned into this annoying machine which no longer serves its original purpose. However, Chris took it upon himself to create this absolutely amazing song which not only sounds great but also delivers a message. A message that challenges the industry to wake up and realize that it is ruining itself by allowing all this soul-deprived music to infiltrate the airwaves. Luckily, there are still dynamic artists like Chris Akinyemi whose music has the potential to affect the world in a positive way. He surely was born to keep the music alive. He's got that GOOD GOOD.

You can see Chris Akinyemi perform live in NYC, on September 23rd, 2010 at Jebon, located at 15 St Marks Place. Free entry.


  1. You have good taste in music. He is very talented. :]

    Thanks for stopping by, Your blog is so fun and upbeat.! Keep up the good work!

  2. Anonymous9/22/2010

    Love your blog!!! Great interview definitely will be looking out for Autumn!

  3. great!! I really love the way you post

  4. I love it Dee! That video is great wow! He has a bright future ahead! I'm so impressed, your last interview was of Nigerian twins and now you have a Nigerian singer...I guess us Nigerians are doing big thangs! Awesome, I am so inspired and in love with your blog, you are my favorite blogger EVER! Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful information with us every single week. You've got me using "good good" in my vocabulary now too, when I hear a song I like I go, "that's that GOOD GOOD" lol! Keep it up my dear, you are truly gifted :)

  5. thanks for sharing, love finding new things! x

  6. Alicia9/22/2010

    Great interview! I love his song, it is so cathcy! I'm going to be singing it all day, I already know lol. And I love the lyrics, like you said, it's a song you can tell he put some thought into the words he was saying!

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  8. iLove!! Looking forward to the album!

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  11. He is cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!Wish i could steal a day and go to NYC for this :-(

  12. Awesome interview! I love it!
    And I love the song, his voice is insanely amazing! SEriously!


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  14. you always know the great people :)
    and love the Topshop Unique post! can't wait to shop their Spring/Summer collections!

  15. Chi2red9/22/2010

    Hes so cyuuute!! im defiNitely going to try to make it to the show tmrw love the Vid, nice to see Nigerians doin big thangs!

  16. Lol, thanks for the comments! I'm sure Chris will appreciate all of your well wishes!

  17. The guy is phenomenal...some people are jus so talented. Dee, I like how u are articulate with ur words, its like I can hear you interviewing him over the radio. Great job and I hope to go to one of his shows soon!

  18. Thank you Janey Poo :) I appreciate it!

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  21. what a great song AND VIDEO! love it. thanks for sharing this interview with us.

  22. WOW!!! I'm in love with this song, I just downloaded it on iTunes! I'm so happy :) This is going to be on repeat for a good amount of time! I love the lyrics so much, I feel the exact same way that he does. And the video is amazing as well! And he's hot! How do you know him? Anyways, great interview Dee & great selection of people you are putting on your blog, it is really quite impressive. You must be a very interesting person to be friends with, I want to meet you now! (hope that's not too creepy) lol

  23. Alright girl, I am following you now! I hope you come by my blog again soon! I love yours and how it's all about music. Music is my everything too. I like how Mary J and Lauren Hill are two of your fav's as they are mine as well :)

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  27. Thanks so much for commenting! Your blog is absolutely awesome, & I am now in love with this song :)

  28. Oh! I am so deeply touched by this. I totally understand where he is coming from. I also feel all the mediocre musicians get all the airplay. I love John Mayer too. Thanks for sharing dear. It totally made my day!

  29. Yemi U.9/24/2010

    very refreshing & unique sound indeed! i'm so glad he has his own style and he isn't trying t sound like all the other male singers out there today! very good interview!

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