November 10, 2010

Africans In Music

For all of you who didn’t know or who may have forgotten, I am a proud African (Nigerian to be exact). Nothing makes me happier and inspires me more than seeing other Africans doing such big things in the world so I decided to compile a little list of African musicians who are making waves in the industry. Enjoy!

A Nigerian hip-hop inspired soul singer whose music has more than just an appealing sound; there is a message in her music which I greatly appreciate. I absolutely love her music. She is just beginning to get serious global recognition but you can expect to be seeing more of this amazing woman in the near future. 
Fatima by K'naan
A Somali singer & rapper who gained global recognition when his song "Waving Flag" was chosen as the official song for the 2010 World Cup. I have been a huge fan of this man’s music for a very long time, he is truly poetic with his work. His album Troubadour is absolutely excellent. I strongly urge you to listen to it if you have yet to. He is simply phenomenal.
A Cameroonian singer who is new to the music industry but who definitely has the talent to make it very far. She has an extremely lovely voice and makes easy listening music that I would compare to that of Corinne Bailey Rae. And just a side note, I am so envious of her afro!
Diary by Wale feat. Marsha Ambrosious
A Nigerian rapper from Washington D.C. who has collaborated with big names in the music industry such as Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, Bun B, Beanie Sigel, Pharrell, Marsha Ambrosious, and, fellow African, K’naan (just to name a few). Wale is most definitely doing big things; his most recent mixtape entitled More About Nothing was pretty darn good if I do say so myself. It’s definitely worth a listen if you have yet to do so. I really do enjoy Wale's music, he is very poetic.

shingai shoniwa
A Zimbabwean singer based in the UK who is the vocalist and bassist in the band Noisettes. This woman is ridiculously talented and well known for her unique sense of style and her fabulous hair. Although her band isn’t extremely popular in the United States, Noisettes are well known in other countries around the world. I am a huge fan of their music, they have such a unique sound that I find extremely refreshing!
Chidera "Chiddy" Anamege is a Nigerian rapper based in Philadelphia, PA who makes up half of the duo named Chiddy Bang. The duo reached countrywide recognition with the release of their single entitled Opposite of Adults which hit the top 20 on singles charts in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Belgium. The duo signed a recording contract with EMI in January of this year and their debut album is scheduled to release in spring of 2011.
Bibanke by Asa
A Nigerian soul singer with a voice that always gives me goose bumps. I absolutely love this woman’s music, it truly is dynamic. She released her latest single Be My Man about a month ago and it got really good feedback online (I am in LOVE with that song!). Her latest album, Beautiful Imperfection, dropped on October 25th so make sure you go out and give it a listen!

A Nigerian and Irish singer who was born and raised in Ireland. At the age of 17 Laura was signed to Jive Records but after a dispute with that label signed with Atlantic Records. In 2006 she won the Meteor Music Award and became the first unsigned musician to receive a nomination. Her album, Let The Truth Be Told, was released in May of 2009 and reached number 2 on the Irish Album charts. This remarkable young woman has even opened for Aretha Franklin, India.Arie, Estelle, Maxwell and John Legend on tour. Very impressive!
Life Is Real by Ayo
A Nigerian singer whose debut album, Joy, which was released in 2006 reached Double-Platinum status in France, Platinum in Germany & Poland, and Gold in Switzerland, Italy, and Greece. I absolutely love the sound of her music, it is really relaxing. Definitely someone you should listen to if you have yet to.

Oh, how I love being African! I am most definitely in great company :)


  1. I love Nneka and Asa!! lovely ladies :)

  2. Anonymous11/10/2010

    am proud too!! omo naija!!!!!! :)

  3. WHAAAAT...Chiddy Bang is Nigerian?! Why didn't I know that, I mean his name is Chiddy lmao..I'm slow haha :) Very cool, great list Dee. K'naan is amazing!

  4. Nice. another soulful post Dami... lol and don't forget! you owe me a jacket

  5. lovely compilation *adding new musicians to playlist*

  6. God great post - I always admire African singers, they're so strong, and definitely proud of who they are, it's incredible x

  7. Anonymous11/11/2010

    I'm a big fan of Nneka and Asa.

  8. thanks for sharing these artists! most of the songs here are the type i'd listen to! loving them. definitely going to check out their other songs asap. :D

    boat ride through the sky

  9. Thanks for this post! I never knew that Chiddy and Laura Izibor(!!!) were Nigerian!
    But I sooo much love Nneka, Asa and Ayo!

  10. YESS girl represent! The only artist I don't know too much about is Asa. She's been buzzing around, I need to check out her music! And I love how big Shingai Shoniwa has gotten fairly recently. I LOVE the Noisettes! Way to spread the music! :)

  11. Thanks for this feature, I haven't heard of half of them, will check em out.

  12. iLove!!! I am a huge fan of most of these artisit already! Added a few to my "must lsiten" list!..:)

  13. There is so much GOOD GOOD-ness in this post! Africans do it BIG!!! lol I am so happy reading this, definitely going to post it on my facebook page =] I love Laura Izibor, had no idea she was part Nigerian which makes me love her even more! And never heard of Andy Allo but I LOVE that song!! Thank you so so so so much Dee!

  14. thanks for making me discover those artist!
    i love there style and mostly k'naan and andy allo (she is so sweet)!
    thanks for visiting my blog, it would be a pleasure for me to get intervieuwed by you of course!
    kiss ;)

  15. Anonymous11/11/2010

    Oo, interesting post. I love Nneka's song - Heartbeat, it's a big tune in my ears. K'Naan is awesome, This Is Africa is such a cool song and the lyrics are cool too. I liked Wale from when he came out with that song with Lady Gaga.
    Shingai Shoniwa's - Don't Upset the Rhythm is a wicked song me & my friend loved it, and it reminds me of an advert about a car. I like Chiddy Bang but I haven't listened to anymore of his songs afer he came out with Opposite of Adults & last but not least, Laura Izibor. I love her voice, it's so soulful and relax my favourite song is MMM.


  16. Great list Dee. Asa's out with a new album that I hear is really dope. Definitely look out for it x

  17. This is a great list you have here. I've heard and love all but just a couple of them. Have to check those out now. Africa by Nneka is great! I love her social consciousness.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  18. I loved this post!!! Africa United :)

  19. Amazing people right here.

  20. Thank you all so much for commenting! I'm so glad you guys liked the artist I selected, they are all greatly talented and there are so many others that I didn't list but who also deserve recognition! :)

  21. Im in love with Nneka and Asa(Mr. Jailer and fire on the mountain are just classic) are my fav. and the others are definitely going into my ipod soonest

  22. LOVE ASA! Shes beyond amazing! favorite artist

  23. I love ASA, you introduced me to her btw!

    But technically... all the black entertainers are African... JUST SAYIN! lol

    Check out my blog, follow if ya like :-)

  24. immmm sooo happy that you're proud of your nation !!
    id definitely keep an eye on these recommendations !! i love african's voice very much too :)

    glisters and blisters

  25. Love this post Dee!! I love Andy Allo & i <3 that song. Her voice is so effortless. I had no idea that she was African. See, you learn something new everyday lol

  26. Thank you for these songs, I had only heard of Wale, Chiddy Bang and K'naan but now I'm going to download the rest of these artists. I really like their music!!

  27. K'naan is great and Wale? He is DOPE. GREAT post! J'adore!

    Quench Fab

  28. Thank you guys so so so SO much for these comments! Greatly appreciated :)

  29. Thanks for introducing us to all these artists, darling!


  30. Thanks loads for visiting my blog :)
    These are artists are just amazing and i'm starting to become their number one fan already!

  31. I must youtube all of these singers, cause I have never heard any of their songs before. Thanks for the tips. :)SArahD

  32. who do i not love on this list!!!
    Africans are amazing and i absolutely have no idea why any african would not claim his/her roots!!

  33. Thanks for stopping by my blog....super sweet of you:)

    I love learning about different music and cultures...fabulous post!!
    Nice to meet you:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    I’m an MTV Style Blogger of the Week!!!

  34. I LOVE Ayo!!

    Great post. I'm going to check out the other artists now.

  35. your blog is so inspiring, you have a good thing going!

  36. Hi, thanks for the kind words on my last post, glad you enjoyed it.

    You have a lovely blog, hope to see you visit again.

    Have a fabulous day.

  37. I love African songs. i don't understand but you have that good feeling coming to you

  38. What a great group of talented singers!! Amazing! xoxoxoxoo

  39. I know only K'NAAN. He had a number one hit in the top 40 list of music in the netherlands.
    but I love all those songs(:



  40. Thank you for your comment! im glad i know your blog, it's coooollness ill be passing by

  41. Thank you guys for commenting and for your well wishes :) I'm so happy you all like the songs!

  42. I think African people make the best music in the world.

  43. I love Ayo, she`s amazing.xx

  44. love K'Naan.

    LOOOOVEEEE WALE ! x a million

    i'll definitely have to take a listen to some of the others.

    thanks so much for sharing :)

  45. I'm ashamed to say that i know only Knaan and Asa. I'm surprised i've never heard of the rest when they've obviously done some high level stuff. Maybe i know some of their songs? :s

  46. Thank you all for commenting :)

  47. amazing music selection this whole list was on replay two days in a row!! :)

    _Thanks for Sharing :D

  48. Thanks for your lovely comment!

    What an interesting/informative post! I'm also Nigerian :)

  49. very beautiful it :)


  50. Finally! Someone who recognises GOOD African Music! I love Asa and Ayo Mr Jailer reminds me of summer in Ghana and Naija

  51. Anonymous11/16/2010

    Nice list i know and love almost everyone on there. i'm surprised you didn't include Bez or Keziah Jones (both nigerians) or Kae Sun from Ghana.

  52. @Maggie, thank you so so so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the music :)

    @Nnenna, heyyy my Naija sista! lol :) Thank you for stopping by!!

    @a!k0, thank you so much!!!

    @Imo, I'm glad you appreciate this post! I was so surprised when I googled African musicians and nothing really came up that talked about multiple African I simply HAD to do this post! And I love Jailer :)

    @Anonymous, thank you. I know, I didn't include a ton of artists which is unfortunate, I wish I could have put everyone in this post but their are simply so many this post would have been reallly long lol. I will do another post and add all the people I missed!

  53. I never knew there were so many talented African musicians out there! Hehe K'naan is also Canadian too!

  54. Anonymous11/18/2010

    i absolutely love this post!!! Andy Allo and K'naan are wonderful!!! Definitely gonna check out the other artists :)

  55. I Love this post!! I am also a Proud African, Nigerian too.

    I think Nneka and K'naan are great artists and when I heard that Fatima song a while back I really began to like K'naan's music, it's a powerful song.

  56. Great list with impressive Naija representers. I'll have to check out Andy Allo, Shingai Shoniwa, Chiddy Bang and Ayo cuz I'd never heard of 'em till I read this. I would add Layori and Iyeoka to the list...and please keep us posted on any new find, this was refreshing!



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