February 4, 2011

My Favorite Albums of All Time

I haven’t done a music post in a while so I decided to share some of my favorite albums with you all. These are 7 of my favorite albums of all time along with a couple songs from each album that I am particularly fond of. Enjoy the music!

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Easily my favorite album of all time. Once I had heard Lauryn’s gorgeously raspy vocals coupled with those thought-provoking lyrics, I was sold. This is actually the album that got me into listening to hip-hop. 
Lost Ones

Like Water for Chocolate
This is such a cohesive album! From the brilliant production to the brilliant name to the brilliant cover, it is so much more than just standard rap music. It extends far past those boundaries. It is pure art.
The Light
Nag Champa (Afrodisiac For The World)

Amy Winehouse is bloody amazing. Point blank. Period. I LOVED her album Back To Black, but Frank (her debut album) will forever have a special place in my heart.

Mama’s Gun
This is such a smooth album, from start to finish. It’s soulful, it’s introspective, it’s daring. It’s everything that I look for in good music.
A.D. 2000

Fantastic, Vol. 2
I mean, J Dilla solely produced this album (all except for 2 tracks). Of course it’s going to be amazing! All you need to do is find a comfortable spot to lie down, grab some good headphones, and allow the beautiful, mellow sounds of this album to wash all over you. That’s what I do! I believe I have listened to Fall N Love well over 300 times on my iTunes.

Black On Both Sides
I feel this is Mos Def’s best solo album by far. I love the strong messages in his lyrics. I always feel so inspired after listening to this.

Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite
This is an album for the grown & the sexy. I love every single track and I really appreciate his jazz infused sound. Maxwell is such an amazing artist; I can’t wait for his new album to drop!
Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)
Sumthin' Sumthin'

What are your favorite albums of all time? Leave them in a comment and I’ll be sure to give them a listen!


  1. Alicia2/04/2011

    I so dig your taste in music! Very similar to mine, The Miseducation is also my favorite album :) I never listened to Slum Village before now...WOW! Thank you for putting me on, those to songs gave me goosebumps! I love Mos too, I really likes The Ecstatic from him. That's probably my favorite Mos Def album. I love the Isley Brothers album Between The Sheets lol. Another album I love is India.Arie's Voyage To India, I'm sure you've heard it before.

    Great music! Thank you so much :)

  2. what awesome picks! seriously, all of these (except for fantastic, must check that out) are albums that i could listen to over and over again and never tire of. i would add miles davis "kind of blue" and bob marley "exodus" because i couldn't live without a little bob every now and then. :)
    have a great weekend!

  3. i like the maxwell, amy whine house and badu's. lovely log .visit by mine

  4. Great taste in music!!!! I love a lot of these albums as well, but my favorites also include Extension of a Man by Donny Hathaway, Paid in Full by Eric B & Rakim, and I'm Your Baby Tonight by Whiteny Houston. The Miseducation is definitely another one for me as well as MUHS and Black on both Sides

  5. You have most of my all time favorites right there.


  6. LOVE it all <3 #thatgoodgoodmusic lol

  7. Love your picks. Not into Slum Village though. Frank was awesome as was Maxwell's first. Good taste.

  8. Can't forget Phyllis Hyman or Teena Marie!

  9. Great selections! I have a ton of albums that I love. I don't know where to begin honestly. All time though? I may have to go with "Millennium", BSB. Dead serious, too.


  10. This is a phenomenal list, by far. All classics, and I have every album :). I'd have to go ahead and include "The College Drop Out" - Kanye West, "Brown Sugar" - D'Angelo and "Illadelph Half Life - The Roots.

    Please feel free to check out and follow my blog, Urban Minded. Everything from film, to urban fashion brands, music and much more. Peace and blessings!


  11. awesome, I really like the songs

  12. The album FRANK by Amy Winehouse is the ISH! This is one of my faves for sure!

  13. The miseducation is one of my faves as well!!!!! I also love R,Kelly's TP2 and TP3.

  14. Mine would be Prince 1999, but the ones that you have listed are in my collection oddly enough, we like some of the same genres of music.

  15. Fantastic, Vol. 2 and Black on Both Sides are my faves from your list. My consists of Food & Liquor-Lupe, Midnight Marauders-TCQ, Off the Wall-MJ, Beautifully Human-Jill Scott, Uptown Saturday Night-Camp Lo, Songs in the Key of Life-Stevie Wonder, Baduizm-Erykah B., and all of Dwele's albums...damn..that's more than 10 lol

  16. I said it before but i must reiterate u have great taste in music! I love all of these albums. Well not the slum village - thats because I never heard it yet..im mad i dont have it in my itunes but that's about to change!

    Oh and I love Frank a lot! I believe Salaam Remi is an awesome producer!
    Nice post & thanks for puttin me on that slum village album:)

  17. Absolutely love Lauren Eykah and Common.
    I think one of my fav albums is Thriller from MJ... It dont get no better.

    Check out my blog and follow if you like!
    Confessions Of A City Girl

  18. You had me at Miseducation...LOVE that album! Back to Back hits...I sometimes wish legends like her wouldn't make a comeback although we've begged for one since she left. I just don't want her to wreck her legacy *sigh*
    Favourite Track: Zion....whats yours?


  19. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! LOVE your blog - sooo awesome!

    Following you now - don't forget to stop back! :-)



  20. I remember listening to Miss Hill! That was a solid album.

    It's not often, these days, that I like or even listen to every song, on any given album. It's usually about 1-4 songs that I'll like, and that's it. LOL

    Not sure what's my favorites, of all time...
    I do think Tragic Kingdom, by No Doubt will always have a place in my heart & on my ipod.

  21. Hey, I really love this post and wanted to do something similar for a J Dilla post. But none of my music files play? How did you get the music files to play in this post?


  22. @Alicia, Thank you so much! I'm glad you like Slum Village :) The Ecstatic is DEFINITELY an amazing album, I am a fan of basically anything Mos Def makes lol. And I LOVE THE ISLEY BROTHERS!!!! You have no idea girl, I love that album as well! And I love India.Arie too :) We have such similar taste in music!

    @marissa, I'm glad you like the selection! I DEFINITELY agree with you, Kind of Blue & Exodus are both albums I have heard and love. Miles Davis & Bob Marley are staples in anybody's music library!

    @Mbabazi, Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm glad you like some of the music :) I'll be sure to swing by your blog as well!

    @M1dn1tE.STunN3R, Thank you :) You gave me some great selections as well! I have never listened to The whole Paid in Full album so I will definitely be hitting that up!

    @Sing, That's awesome! Thank you for stopping by :)

    @Sade Jaye, LOL :)

    @K. Rock, Yeah, Slum Village is kind of an acquired taste but I love their music personally. Thanks for stopping by!

    @Chris, VERY TRUE!! Both are classics!

    @Ms. Royal Reigns, LMAO! No shame in that, I grew up on their music! :P

    @Alanna, AGREEEEEED!!! If I would have continued my list to my top 15, those would have DEFINITELY made the cut!!! I will definitely check out your blog :)

    @Shirls, thank you boo!

    @Veronica, It really is! I will never get tired of that album!

    @LohiO, I love R. Kelly too! Both those albums were on point!

    @Tonia, YES, Prince is classic!

    @Candace, we are so on the same page! I love every single album you named. If I was doing my top 30, I think just about all the ones you mentioned would have been included!

    @Kiitan, Thank you so much :) I'm glad I put you on to the Slum Village album! You should also checkout Fantastic Vol. 1, that is probably just as good, if not better than Vol. 2. I'm surprised I didn't include it actually lol! And Salaam Remi really is an awesome producer!

    @Confessions, It really doesn't get any better than Thriller! :)

    @**OnYxStA**, Thank you! And I agree with you about legends making comebacks, so many people have told me about her odd behavior lately. It's so sad :( But she is still a brilliant musician, no matter what! My favorite track is Ex-Factor..oh my goodness I have played that song so so so so so so so many times!

    @The Odd and Chic, You are so welcome! Thank you so much for your kind words :)

    @Marie, I am the same way though! I always skip around or just listen to a few songs...that's the iPod effect lol. And I love No Doubt! Good choice :)

    @Stace, Thank you so much! I just read & commented on your post, it's amazing! Sometimes the files don't work. You just have to mess around with the individual song codes and then it should start working hopefully!

    Thank you all again for commenting :) It is greatly appreciated!

  23. I'm all late seeing this post.

    Some of most underrated artists are some of best artist around.

    Alana Davis is one of my favorite artist, and her Blame It On Me CD has been part of my music playlist for years. I wrote a short piece about her [here] in my NeoSoul post. I love her story like lyrics and her smoky twangy vocals. She stays true to her art. I plan to write more about her soon.

    Javier is another awesome artist I love, have you heard of him? I followed his career for a while. His vocals are like butta!

    And Matt Cusson is another, I love his smooth Jazzy R&B style. Just beautiful...he's super talented.

  24. This album from Lauryn Hill is one of my favorite too.




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