April 13, 2012

That GOOD GOOD Music: Full Crate X Jesse Boykins III, Moruf, Andreya Triana, & Szjerdene

Soulful crooner Jesse Boykins III recently teamed up with Amsterdam-based composer/sound designer Full Crate to create these 2 beautiful works of art. Both songs beautifully layer smooth, thoughtful love lyrics over electronic beats. In addition, I just had to add another song of Jesse Boykins III’s that has been out for a few months now but I never got around to posting. It’s absolutely lovely, extremely ethereal, and will most likely make you zone out (which makes the title of the song quite appropriate). Please enjoy Zoner by Jesse Boykins III.

One of my favorite lyricists, Moruf, recently released a beautiful track entitled Jasmine complete with an incredible video. I’ve got too much respect for Moruf, he consistently puts out quality music. What more could someone ask for? If you aren’t familiar with this artist, check out the interview I did with him by clicking here.

Andreya Triana is a gem that I came across recently (such a shame I got hip to her so late, she’s been making really great music for years!) I absolutely love her voice. Her album Lost Where I Belong is definitely worth a few minutes of your time so make sure you look it up! Please enjoy 2 of my favorite tracks from her: The Keeper (by a producer named Bonobo, Andreya is the featured singer) & Lost Where I Belong

UK-based singer Szjerdene released an EP entitled Patchwork a few weeks ago. The EP houses 4 beautifully written & sung tracks which perfectly display Szjerdene’s talents; her voice is nothing short of amazing. I love the raspiness of it. My 2 favorite tracks can be found beneath the photo of her and you can click here to listen to the other 2. 


  1. the Jasmine track is soooo GOOD !

  2. Your music posts never disappoint!! Always get put on some great new artists, thanks:))

  3. Wow Andreya Triana is just what I´ve been looking for, thanks for sharing!

    The Black Label

  4. Anonymous4/14/2012

    Beautiful tunes! I love the last 2 girls, they can sing!!

  5. i reallllly love the Jesse Boykins songs! His voice is amazing.


  6. Thank you all for the feedback!!!

  7. How on earth do you find these gems??!!!

    Muse Origins FB

    1. I just get really lucky & happen upon them! Lol

  8. Szjerdene... what a name, what a voice. Thank you Ms Dee!

  9. Jesse is so dope! His time is coming soon

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

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  11. ANDREYA TRIANA IS GOING TO GIVE GOOSEBUMP´S WITH THIS " SONG FOR A FRIEND" !!! http://www.planetnotion.com/2013/05/21/track-premiere-andreya-triana-song-for-a-friend/



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