May 29, 2012

Songs I Currently Have On Repeat

Here are some of the songs that have been on heavy repeat for me lately. Some are fairly new, some are a bit old. Just click on the little play buttons and/or the songs and they will play in the little media player located in the bottom left corner of your screen. If the songs do not play, just refresh your screen and try again.

Lonely Town by fLako feat. Dirg Gerner
I recently came across this amazing London-based producer by the name of fLako. It was love at first listen, to say the least. The above song really resonated with me; I love the mellow beat and the simple yet poignant lyrics. Another song from fLako that really captured my attention is his remix of Ez Up, originally by Slum Village. His take on the song is too smooth!

Ain't That Peculiar (Remix) by Oddisee
Oddisee is amazing, ‘tis all. I love what he did with this Marvin Gaye classic. Make sure you check out his mixtape, Odd Renditions, which consists of Oddisee’s remixes of Bon Iver’s “Paralyzed”, Metronomy’s “The Gold Is Mine” and K-Os's “Man I Use To Be”.

Deeper by THEESatisfaction
I absolutely LOVE this duo! THEESatisfaction’s music is absolutely gorgeous; it caresses the soul. Their sound is so smooth and has a great deal of depth. My mind can’t help but to travel back to Floetry when I listen to these 2, and that is definitely not a bad thing. You can listen to THEESatisfaction’s entire album, Awe Naturale, by clicking here. 

Patiently, We Bloom by Diggs Duke
Diggs Duke is such a fantastic artist in every sense of the word. This song is a perfect example of his wide range of talents; all of the vocals and instruments in the track were performed by him. 

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  1. beauuuutiful tunes!!!!!! xx

  2. Your music taste is everything

  3. Anonymous5/30/2012

    Your taste in music really is interesting...i don't know how you manage to find these artists. They are all so unique and incredible soulful. I really love this post, thanks for sharing all this great music! I especially enjoyed TheeSatisfaction, I listened to the entire album in the link you provided 3 times already.


  4. U always put up the best music! Thanks...currently grooving to that last track ;)

  5. Thank you all for the feedback!!! I'm so glad you like the songs :)

  6. Very nice selection!

    Interesting list but def good!


    Twenty York Street
    Follow me in Twitter: @20YS

  7. Yemi U.6/02/2012

    These songs made me happy! ^_^
    i am especially digging that flako track, he is too ill...keep up the good good

  8. Anonymous6/07/2012

    These songs are absolutely amazing and fitting to my current


  9. Thanks for sharing these...nothing like learning about new music. Much love

  10. ooo new songs to download! gracias!!



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