July 26, 2011

That GOOD GOOD Blog's 1 Year Anniversary Herds of the Fathers Giveaway (CLOSED)

On July 14, 2010, I published my very first blog post. There were no photos in the post. No audio snippets. No links to other web pages. I had absolutely no idea what types of posts I was going to be putting on this blog. All I knew was that I had this somewhat odd concept in my head that seemed to define the creative, entrepreneurial, and awe-inspiring revolution that is taking place amongst my peers. Has there ever been a time when so many young people, especially those of color, were indulging themselves so deeply into the diverse cultures of fashion, art, music, and commerce? Everywhere I look, I see someone my age starting a business, building a brand, creating a masterpiece, doing something! My generation is not sitting still; we are out here hustling. Hard. Bearing witness to so much greatness in the making has been such a beautiful and exciting experience for me. However, being able to share the stories of these amazing young people from near and far with all of you has been nothing short of a blessing. I am so lucky to have over 1,000 readers to talk to about the people, places, sights, and sounds that inspire me. I really am. Even on my worst day, I have something to smile about because of this blog. So thank you, to all of you who took a little time out of your day throughout the past year to visit this blog and to leave some love. There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe how much I appreciate it.
For this giveaway, I have teamed up with one of my favorite companies that I have had the pleasure of featuring on this blog: Herds of the Fathers (click here to read my interview with Tobi Babajide, half of the Herds of the Fathers duo). A very big thank you goes out to Tobi for reaching out to me and offering to have Herds of the Fathers sponsor this giveaway.

To celebrate That GOOD GOOD Blog's 1 year anniversary, I will be giving away 3 Herds of the Fathers mini backpacks!

3 lucky people will be winning 1 of the 3 styles of mini backpacks from the Herds of the Fathers premiere collection. New mini backpack styles will be offered in the next coming collection!

Herds of the Fathers mini backpacks combine the aesthetic of their classic backpacks with the convenience of a wallet. These bags are perfect for holding keys, cell phones, money, etc. and easily able to be attached to belt loops & bags. Definitely something you want to own!

This giveaway is now closed. The 3 winners will be chosen at random and announced within the next week. Thank you to everyone who entered!


  1. OH, love it! congrats for your anniversary!

    Love those bagpacks, so... here I go...

    My name is Gabriel (ggarciagalan@galan.com) from Spain!

    Thank you! wish me luck! :D


  2. yeiiii...Congratulations on the one year anniversary.

  3. Marcus Trapper7/17/2011

    Great giveaway. Would really like one of those backpacks. Heres my info:

    1. Marcus Trapper
    2. bigM209@yahoo.com
    3. From Brooklyn, NY

  4. Anonymous7/17/2011

    Congrats on 1 year!!! I love your blog :D

  5. 1. Bianca Brooks
    2. zweetz3k9@gmail.com
    3. CA

    . I‘Liked’ Herds of the Fathers on Facebook (+1)
    2. I Follow Tobi (@HERDS_FATH_Tobi) & Jason (@HERDS_FATHERS) on Twitter (+2)
    3. I tweeted this entire line (+1):
    I entered @thatgoodtimes2 1 Year Blog Anniversary Herds of the Father’s Giveaway! Click here to enter: http://j.mp/q9UYmT
    4. I became a DJ and music journalist and moved to CA. :D (+2)
    I've been following this blog for a year and much love and great success for the future!

  6. Carla

  7. chioma wodu

  8. Beautiful backpacks... :) The leather is just lovely. And I really can't believe all this was started only a year ago! It's amazing; best blog I've seen on culture - ever. No lie.

    Ok so my name's Andrea Hayford, e-mail is andreanwh@yahoo.com, and I come from Ghana!

    I've liked Herds of the Fathers on Facebook, and one significant thing that's happened to me in the past year is finding love in the most beautiful of people.

  9. Anonymous7/17/2011

    Joseph Blake

  10. Congratulations on one year :)
    Alice Okundaye
    Ottawa Canada

    i liked herds of the father on facebook and i followed both of them on twitter
    oh and i tweeted the line at you.

    something significant that happened to me would be my move to Canada, its been one hell of a ride, the change was a shock and i came in the worst of seasons. I am loving summer though, oh and i started my masters degree. SIGNIFICANT!!! *huge grin*

  11. congrats! you are such an inspiration :)))

  12. congrats on your blog anniversary

    MA U.S

  13. Yeah!! Ifeyinwa from Nigeria. Reach me at ifeyinwarinze@yahoo.com
    -tweeted the line and this past year, I had an amazing reunion with my friends from high school in Florida :)

  14. LOve your blog, so happy birthday !!!

  15. second time entering any competition. both on this blog. wish me luck. i love these gentlemen and their work..
    this year, last week actually i got engaged

  16. Oluwapelumi Olusanya
    Ludwigshafen, Germany

    I liked Herds of the Fathers on Facebook and one significant thing that has happened to me in the past year is writing my not yet published novel :)

  17. Congrats on the anniversary I would love one of the bags!
    Alexia Channer
    Connecticut, USA
    I've liked that good good blog on facebook and follow on google and twitter. Also, I liked herds of fathers on facebook and follow both twitter accounts.
    Something significant for me was finally making the decision to transition to natural hair. I've been struggling with societal standards of beauty for about a year now and to break free from the mold has been liberating!

  18. Kiki Rocks Kinks
    Laurel, MD USA
    I retweeted the giveaway, follow thatgoodtimes2 on Twitter, liked Herds on Facebook, and I am now following both Jason and Tobi on Twitter! *fingers crossed*

    There were several significant changes within the last year for me. I lost my grandmother from cancer December 2010. She was a smoker, and so was I. The night after the funeral was the last time I picked up a cigarette and I haven't looked back, although it was tough! I also decided to go back to school and get my Bachelor's at 30!

  19. Kiki Rocks Kinks
    Email is: naturalbecomesher@gmail.com

  20. I´m so entering this!!! Btw I follow you on Google Friend, Facebook and Twitter..haha I follow you everywhere xD (mm that sounded like I was a stalker but you get the idea)

    Andrés Corella
    Panama City, Panama

    1. I Liked Herds of Feathers on Facebook
    2. I follow Tobi and Jason on Twitter
    3. I tweeted the entire line
    4. The most significant thing that has happend to me is finally meeting my half brother and my Dad´s mother which I´ve never met in my life..it was a truly unique moment because my dad passed away when I was a year old..and I never knew any of my family from his side...so it was just so special...the best thing ever.

    The Black Label "don´t miss the runways of Fashion Week Panama"

  21. N.Nicole info@theseventhdistrict.com

    I follow thru Google connect and I follow you on twitter. (@seventhdistrict)

    Im in DC by way of ATL and STL (hardly home but always reppin #drake)

    I got inspired from several blogs and decided to take up photography and purchased a Nikon D3100 and started a fashion and lifestyle blog. Its been so rewarding a life changing! Congrats on your blog-o-versary! I wanna be like u when I grow up ;)

  22. I follow That GOOD GOOD Blog on Google Connect

    1. Rochelle
    2. curlychellez@gmail.com
    3. I'm from California

    Extra Chances to Win:

    1. I ‘Like’ Herds of the Fathers on Facebook
    2. I Follow Tobi (@HERDS_FATH_Tobi) & Jason (@HERDS_FATHERS) on Twitter
    3. I Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/curlychellez/status/93047582774931456
    4. I graduated!


  23. Congrats on your first anniversary....

    ON, Canada

  24. Jody-Ann


    Hailing from Canada :-)

    A Girl's Next Best Friend

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  26. Helloooo,
    This is Cheryn from New Jersey.
    Email: c.adjei76@gmail.com
    I liked Herds of The Fathers on Facebook as well as you!

  27. Oh my goodness I just died a little bit inside out of excitement when I saw that this was going to be a giveaway.

    But first congratulations on your one year. I so happy to have been part of journey watching your blog grow into what it has become now. Wishing you the best in the future.

    Second is my entry;
    NY, US

    *I am a follower of your blog via blogger/google
    *I tweeted the stated line
    *I also became a fan of Herds of the Fathers since their first cameo on your blog.

  28. Anonymous7/19/2011

    GFC follower
    trustjesus7771 at yahoo dot com

  29. 1. Your name: Ana Belén
    2. A valid e-mail address: fisiwoman at hotmail dot com
    3. Where you’re from: Spain
    1.‘Like’ Herds of the Fathers on Facebook: Ana Belén R M.
    2. Follow Tobi (@HERDS_FATH_Tobi) & Jason (@HERDS_FATHERS) on Twitter: @Fisigiawa
    3. Tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/Fisigiawa/status/93308143274172417
    Last year bornt my nephew Adrián ;).

  30. 1. Cecilia Cannick
    2. ceciliacannick@yahoo.com
    3. Westchester, Ny
    1. liked on facebook
    2. Followed Tobi (@HERDS_FATH_Tobi) & Jason (@HERDS_FATHERS) on Twitter: @Fisigiawa
    4. The most significant thing that happened to me in the past year was furthering my career in photography. I first got into my dream school: School of Visual Arts. I also got an offer of admission from MICA based on my portfolio. And having some of my photography featured on the FIT website

  31. Once again, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! These mini backpacks are nice!

    I'm following That GOOD GOOD Blog via Google Friend Connect, and I liked it on Facebook.

    1. Nia Langley
    2. nialangleyspeaks@gmail.com
    3. I'm from Michigan, USA

    1. I liked Herds of the Fathers on Facebook
    4. Something significant that's happened to be this year...I have two! I've moved, and I'm about to move again, because I'm starting college!

    Keep the GOOD GOOD coming, Dee! =)


  32. Happy Blogeversary! Count me in!

  33. 1. Anna
    2. anna_k67 at yahoo dot com
    3. Russia

    1. like Herds Of The Fathers on fb-anna ku
    2. Following Tobi & Jason on twitter-annakul
    3. tweet-https://twitter.com/#!/AnnaKulu/status/93569625098428416

  34. Xavier Burgin
    Tuscaloosa, AL

    Que The Lights
    QTL Images

  35. Hi!

    - I'm now following your blog via GFC under: SAUCY | f. | BABY

    - Nicole Ordonez

    - saucy.baby21[at]gmail[dot][com]

    - Cali



    [+1] I am now a fan of Herd Of The Fathers on Facebook under: Nicole Ordonez.

    Thank you for the chance & Happy Blogiversary! =]

    xo Nicole

  36. Anonymous7/20/2011

    I follow you guys on Twitter.
    Keith Morris
    New Bruns, NJ
    I am a fan of Herds of The Fathers. Been following the movement for awhile now.
    Also following Jay on Twit.

  37. awh congrats on your one year! love this blog, so cool!


  38. Congratulations on everything!
    I would also love to enter the contest !

    1. Vivian
    2. visaboke@aol.com
    3. New Jersey, USA

  39. Congratulations on everything!
    I would also love to enter the contest !

    1. Vivian
    2. visaboke@aol.com
    3. New Jersey, USA

    1. I ‘Liked’ Herds of the Fathers on Facebook (

    2. I followed Tobi (@HERDS_FATH_Tobi) & Jason (@HERDS_FATHERS) on Twitter

    3. I tweeted the entire line

    4. Within the past year, I began a blog. I began this blog because I was tired. I was tired of how people saw Africa based on only what they were taught in school and/or what they saw on Tv. 99% of what they knew about Africa was the negative things, I wanted to show people the positive. I want to show people where I(and so many, many people came from). I figured that since as humans weare visual learns, what better way…to show people (even if it’s just a small amount) what Africa is to us. How we see our homes, you know?

    And also, I wanted Africans also to be proud of where we come from…yes we have our negatives, but we have so many positives that even we ourselves fail to notice. I wanted to show people that being African…and the continent of Africa is a beautiful thing, and it’s far beyond what you see in the media.

    & I know it may not seem that big or significant to others, but to me...this is one of my biggest and greatest accomplishments so far.

  40. Anonymous7/21/2011

    1. Crystal Brooks
    2. joboat33@yahoo.com
    3. California, USA
    I ‘Liked’ Herds of the Fathers on Facebook (+1)
    I moved from Atlanta to Oakland last year, and recently got a job at a thrift store. :)(+2)

    I've learned of so many talented people that I would have never come across without your beautiful blog. Much love and continued success!

  41. Anonymous7/21/2011

    Robin J
    Brooklyn, NY

    I liked HOF on FB

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  43. Victoria
    New York, USA

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. something significant: i got a new PUPPY

  46. liked herds of father on FB!

  47. i follow you on bloglovin, im from NJ USA thanks!
    Note: i will be away until July 31/August 1st--if you could possibly hold it for me (if i win) I WOULD BE SO GREATFUL!!! PLEAS PLEASE PLEASE! thanks :)

  48. i follow your this blog via GFC as Jel
    followed also on FB, Jung Rae Woo
    twitter follower, @jelaiii_x

    Name: Jel
    Email: punkme15 at gmail dot com
    Country: Philippines

    Liked Herds of the Fathers on Facebook (Jung Rae Woo)
    Followed Tobi (@HERDS_FATH_Tobi) & Jason (@HERDS_FATHERS) on Twitter -- @jelaiii_x
    Tweet: https://twitter.com/jelaiii_x/status/94628720261857280

    The past year has been super bad for me, many heartbreaking events that made me cry but then here I am now, stronger than ever. Although last year was a bad one for me, I wont ever forget it because it has made me what I am today =)

  49. Anonymous7/23/2011


  50. Melissa Garcia
    melifaire AT gmail DOT com
    NY, USA

    1. I liked Herds of the Fathers on FB (Melissa Garcia).
    2. I follow Both Tobi & Jason on twitter (@melifaire).
    3. I tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/melifaire/status/94666249669324800
    4. Something significant? I decided to quit ballet after over 10 yrs of it. I just didn't enjoy it anymore as much as I used to. :/

  51. My name is Karitsa
    I'm from MD

    karitsaj at gmail dot com

    1. I followed herds of fathers
    2. followed both twitter accounts (@graffitikit)
    3. Significant.... I met the man of my dreams!

  52. happy anniversary!

    Name: Sydney
    Email: sydney.0912 at gmail.com
    From: Malaysia

    Liked Herds of the Fathers on Facebook: Lee Sydney

    something significant that has happened to me in the past year is i got paid for my first part-time job(promoter)! :)


  53. I follow via GFC as kittysclearance

    name: Gabrielle Svensson
    email: kittysclearance@hotmail.co.uk
    country: United Kingdom

  54. Happy anniversary to your blog!!! :) and way to go for reaching 1K+ followers!! :D

    im joining your giveaway! :) im already a follower of your blog via GFC, FB, and Twitter. i've just followed you via Bloglovin' a few minuts ago. ;)

    name: aldelei
    email: aldelei89 at yahoo dot com
    from: Philippines

    - ‘Liked’ Herds of the Fathers on Facebook as Aldelei Lumapas (+1)
    - Followed Tobi (@HERDS_FATH_Tobi) & Jason (@HERDS_FATHERS) on Twitter as @aldelei89 (+2)
    - Tweeted (+1): https://twitter.com/#!/aldelei89/status/94811107834855424
    - Met my ex who introduced me to a group of gorgeous TRUE friends who stood by me after their friend - my ex - treated me so badly (the btard hit me). They are still my good friends and they intend to keep me as i keep them. :) I'm glad i've met them, moving on was too easy! :D

  55. Anonymous7/23/2011

    follow you on gfc
    Robin Scott
    robinlscott4 at hotmail dot com

  56. Anonymous7/23/2011

    follow herds of the father on fb
    Robin Scott
    robinlscott4 at hotmail dot com

  57. Anonymous7/23/2011

    follow Tobi and Jason on twitter
    and tweeted:
    robinlscott4 at hotmail dot com

    love your backpacks; I love being hands free and backpacks instead of purses

  58. Anonymous7/23/2011

    this last year I got to go with my entire family, husband and 17 and 20 year old sons to the Bahamas for 2 weeks. This is significant because I almost died two years ago from a rare lung disease, have fought to get my health back, and thank God and good doctors for my health. I have been blessed
    robinlscott4 at hotmail dot com

  59. Anonymous7/23/2011

    this last year I got to go with my entire family, husband and 17 and 20 year old sons to the Bahamas for 2 weeks. This is significant because I almost died two years ago from a rare lung disease, have fought to get my health back, and thank God and good doctors for my health. I have been blessed
    robinlscott4 at hotmail dot com

  60. Anonymous7/23/2011

    My name is Robin Scott, and I am from Snohomish, Washington
    robinlscott4 at hotmail dot com

  61. your blog is a true inspiration to me
    i love.

  62. name: Marija Majerle
    e-mail: marija.majerle at gmail dot com
    from: Minnesota, USA
    -I'm following Tobi and Jason on twitter @mrsclutterbuck
    -something significant from the last year: I traveled to Slovenia to meet family and learn about my origins

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  63. Hi, my name is Lubka Kotmanikova.
    lubaska dot k at gmail dot com
    I follow you on FB (under above name) and twitter (Lubaska).
    I live in Slovakia, Europe.

    Extra entries:
    I ‘Like’ Herds of the Fathers on Facebook (Lubka Kotmanikova)
    I follow Tobi & Jason on twitter (Lubaska)
    I tweeted here: http://twitter.com/#!/Lubaska/status/95187961037070336
    I didnt succeed to find new good job in the past year .:-(

  64. Anonymous7/25/2011

    Natalie G
    Davison, MI
    Following Tobi & Jason on Twitter: @natlayyy
    something significant: I graduated from college!

  65. danielle h
    I ‘Liked’ Herds of the Fathers on Facebook
    something significant: my mother went ill and although we didnt have a great relationship i had to put the past behind me and make our future better and brighter in turn i have developed a better relationship with my sons they have really stepped up and are handling things very well.

  66. congrats on your 1 year anniversary

    aileen s.
    gustosagiveaways atymaildotcom

    +1 like herds of the fathers on fb - gustosa giveaways

    +2 following @HERDS_FATH_Tobi) & Jason (@HERDS_FATHERS)on twitter @gustosagiveaway

    +1 tweet - https://twitter.com/#!/gustosagiveaway/status/95757324886618112

    +2 something significant - i got to visit my family after 5 years and met my daughter for the first time

  67. Withrow newell

    started my own horror film festival last year.

    (i did all the extra entry bits)

  68. Anonymous7/26/2011

    Happy anniversary titilayo3@hotmail.com

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  70. I following your blog on four of them:

    1. Google Connect (ksyshenka)
    2. Facebook (oksana vladimirovna)
    3. Twitter (@oksana2372)
    4. Bloglovin'

    Oksana from Belarus!

    +1 I Like Herds of the Fathers on Facebook!
    +2 Following Tobi (@HERDS_FATH_Tobi) & Jason (@HERDS_FATHERS) on Twitter!
    +1 tweeted:
    +2 Within the past year I learned how to be in a harmony with my self!

    Thank you for the chance!


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  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. 1. va
    2. tumblemumbo at gmail.com
    3. india

    gfc follower . va

    va said...
    i just had my birthday last week .

    va said...
    liked heards of fathers under ana amanti

  75. Congrats on 1 year! I'm proud of you =)

    Sade Jaye

    i follow you on blogspot

    something significant that happened this year is that i became an aunt!

  76. YAY! Congrats Dee!!!

    1. Tayo

    2. London, UK

    3. o.tayo69@yahoo.com

    4. follow both & like herds of the fathers on fb


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