July 14, 2010


Good Good [gud-gud], noun

Items of high quality & relevance; excellence. Matters that are interesting & worthy of discussion.
Objects which could only be admired and appreciated by those of refined taste.
A concept whose meaning has been lowered by those who use the term in less than impressive matters; 
however, I plan on lifting the term to newer heights. As far as I am concerned, that good good refers
to all which is completely, genuinely, and most definitely fly. From fashion that only those drowning in
style & swagger could ever understand to that real, real music that only those with a knowledge of notes
& an ear for true talent can value. The best of both these worlds, and everything else in between,
is what will be featured & discussed on this blog. So please join in discovering what's good & who's got that good times two. 


  1. Check it!

    Good times two!!!

    Show me that swag ;D

    God bless!



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