July 29, 2010

New Wale

The song is called Ambitious Girl and Wale’s words are extra thought-provoking in this one. This man is so poetic with his work; I am a huge fan of most of the songs he has done. Wale is so deep and this track matches that deepness. Being smart & goal driven needs to be the new sexy...we should fall in love with someones mind before we fall in love with their face (although let's be real, it usually doesn't work that way). Also, it's about time that rappers find a new kind of woman to talk about; this up & coming generation of young men needs to be educated on admiring the proper characteristics of a woman. We should be showing them it's more important to find a girl with aspirations instead of finding a girl with a fat ass. Keep an eye out for his mixtape dropping on August 3rd entitled More About Nothing.

Wale, thank you for making that good good music.
Press play
Ambitious Girl by Wale


  1. Awesome Post!..Cant wait for the mixtaple 2mrw!
    When you free, check out www.westalifestyle.com

  2. thank you, I really appreciate the feedback, & I am so souped for Wale's mixtape I can't even put it into words how much I'm dying to hear the rest of it after listening to how good Ambitious girl was, and I love the blog, ya'll know what's good ova there! lol

  3. I love this mixtape and song.
    Your blog is quickly becoming on of my favorites!



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