April 3, 2013

That GOOD GOOD Around the Web

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while now knows that I am a lover of independent magazines, both online and in print. Spook Magazine is a “literary arts mash-up” which entered my radar back in December. What initially captured my eye was the first issue’s absolutely stunning cover, created by the brilliant Stephanie Matthews. As if the cover isn't stunning enough, this magazine is full of flowing, poignant, masterful pieces of writing. Those of you who enjoy devouring deliciously crafted poetry, fiction, and non-fiction writing, purchase a print and/or digital copy of Spook! You will not be disappointed.

Also, you all simply must listen to the glorious mixes on Spook’s Soundcloud page, Spook Radio. Good reads, good visuals, good sounds. What more could one ask for?

The Refutation of “Good Hair” is a powerful new project by the brilliant Nakeya B. In this series, Nakeya has chosen to explore the literal meaning of the historically used phrase “good hair”. In her own words, “In each image a woman of color is seen poised upright while consuming a handful of hair. Accompanying the portraits are a selection still life arrangements placing hair and traditional African-American cuisine in the same setting. Doing such suggests "good hair" is nothing more than something to be consumed as if it were food”.

In honor of its 125th year anniversary, National Geographic has taken to Tumblr to curate a number of iconic vintage images from the magazine’s archives, many of which were never published. It is safe to say that FOUND is quickly becoming one of my favorite Tumblr blogs. The images are absolutely breathtaking. If you have a minute (or 2) to spare, make sure you check it out.

This song has been on heavy, heavy repeat for the past few days. Fresh off of Tyler, The Creator’s new album, Wolf, comes a blissfully breezy tune featuring two of my favorite singers, Coco of Quadron and Erykah Badu. Click the play button below the photo to listen.


  1. SPook Magazine looks amazing! Thanks for the heads up :]

  2. Anonymous4/04/2013

    That song is beautiful
    never thought I'd like anything that had Tyler the creator's name attached to it, but it really is nice.

    He just creeps me out too much. Nice post. And post more PLEASE.

    1. Lol! Yes, Tyler is an acquired taste. He is a bit much sometimes, yes, but he does make good pretty good music in my opinion. He's definitely not for everybody though! :)

      And I will do my best to post more!

  3. I love your sense of style

  4. I'm definitely checking out that Nakeya piece. The term "good hair" just gets under my skin! Sometimes I even catch myself saying it and I have to stop and correct myself automatically.

    Confessions Of A City Girl / Check out my eyewear line Enerjiee

  5. yes!!! Dee...this song is nice!...And when in the hell are we ever going to get a background (direct) story on you?!...You tap into my chakra everytime...with visuals/music...

  6. Thank you guys so much for the feedback :)

  7. I too am a lover of the independent arts and magazines. Thank you for opening my eyes to Spook Magazine that had been apparently flying under my radar. National Geographic taking to Tumblr to publish previously unpublished pictures is like Christmas. Thank you for including the link! The pictures are so powerful and so moving that it would be a shame to pass them by. I think my favorite is the one with all of the men decorating the cake because it is breaking out of the gender norms. Until pressing play I had not heard of the artists singing. I am glad that I did. The song was breezy and you just can’t help but fall in love.

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  8. I love the photos and will try the magazine.

  9. Anonymous6/06/2013

    that hair eating picture is the weirdest thing ive seen. There hair are like Electronic Music hair

  10. Really nice photos. You definitely have to have a special eye to be able to find the allurement in each photograph.

  11. great photos! you have such a cool blog!



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