August 19, 2010

The Fantastic 4

What do you get when you put an amazing basketball player, 2 dope rappers & a banging producer in the same room? I think the bottom of the picture says it all.


  1. Raheem Badboii Johnson8/19/2010

    this flick is tuff!!!! i got mad respect for all 4 of these men right here.

  2. Anonymous8/19/2010

    THE Coolest Picture Ive Seen Since Ye, An Ass-Grabbing Madonna And Amber Rose.

  3. very very nice blog :)
    i'll definitely be stopping by !

  4. can't wait for the new album :)

  5. Thanks for the comments, & I love this picture too! These are four men who are extremely talented in each of their fields which makes them powerful forces to be reckoned with...I couldn't hate for a second!

  6. thanks for the comment you left on ...I appreciate the love...As for this pic, yeah..pretty historic, no matter what you think of Ye's music personally, that's just a flick that when someone see's it the word "Power" or "pride" tends to pop in ya head....

    -BIG D O

  7. great blog! I will be watch this blog more :)

  8. OH! I love this pic! And I LOVE Mos Def!!!! Where did you find this?

  9. @Big D O, i most definitely agree, no matter what one thinks of kanye, one cannot deny how powerful this photo is

    @fashionandstyle, thank you so much!! :)

    @FullComplexityy, I know!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mos Def as well, he has to be one of my favorite rappers of all time hands down :) And I found this photo on a hip hop blog called 'The Rap Up' lol. It was my first time on it and I was just browsing through their past posts. they put it up on the 15th I believe so I was a lil bit late lol but i believe kanye twitpic'd it and that
    s where they got it from :)

  10. This photo is blowing my mind.

  11. I love your blog! Thanks for the comment, as soon as I saw this pic I had to subscribe!



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