August 3, 2010

The Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Kanye West

Starting from the bottom then working my way to the top.

5. He has undeniable swagger. You see, undeniable swagger is the type of swagger that may not be globally accepted but can never be contested. Undeniable swagger is when you are on a whole other level of fly. Now that does not make you better than anyone else because I believe we are all created equal. However, we are given so many natural tools in life and some people do not know how to utilize those tools. Those who continually work at being better & those who understand that self improvement is a step towards achieving greatness are the ones who will one day achieve undeniable swagger. I applaud those who realize that life is a process and even though they may not be where they want to be in life at the moment, they still cling tightly to their dreams & keep their ultimate goal in sight. That’s that good good attitude and I feel Kanye West exemplifies that.
4. He is very imperfect. This man is one of the most……let me just say confident….he is one of the most confident people I have ever seen or heard. He is not afraid to speak his mind & he isn’t deterred by what others think or say about him. Although this often times gets him into trouble, I feel his flaws adds to his character and it is clear to see he is growing from all of this public mishaps & mistakes. The fact that someone can become a better version of themselves makes them okay in my book.

3. He has the best tweets. Yes, I have a twitter. No, I do not use it except only to read certain peoples tweets & Kanye West is most definitely one of those people. What can I say, he just has a way with words. He speaks a lot about his inspirations and how he's trying to be a better person...and then he may go on to say how he jogs in Lanvin. For example, here's something the tweeted 2 days ago, "I used to go to the Bang & Olufsen store and just stare at the TVs and speakers, that store was one of my main inspirations." It's amazing how if you see what you want, one day you can achieve it.
2. His style is unquestionable. If you look up the word “dapper” in a dictionary, you will more than likely find a picture of Kanye West with his big ol’ Kool Aid smile. This man is very fashion conscious and I respect him so much for that. He doesn’t just let his stylists put anything on him, he himself is mindful of the clothing he wears. And he wears his clothing well. There has recently been buzz online concerning the Rosewood Movement that Mr. West has taken into effect. This involves rocking suits all day. To any fellas who may be reading this, ya’ll might want to step your suit game up.

1. His music is out of this world amazing. ‘Nuff said. I can go on for hours about each song of his that I love & I could quote a million of his ingenious lines but ya’ll have most likely heard them already. Instead, I’ll leave you with 2 links to his newest songs coming out that he performed for the people at facebook. Click here to see Mr. West perform Chain Heavy & click here to see Mr. West perform Mamma’s boyfriend.

Kanye West is what you get when hip-hop meets high fashion & all I can say is...I ain't mad. He's got that good good.


  1. Anonymous8/03/2010

    i like kanye west too, good post! really cool blog, i like how you talk about fashion and then music i think it's interesting.

  2. Hahaha, thank you so much! Music (especially hip-hop) & Fashion are my 2 favorite things so I love talking about both :)

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  4. I heart Kanye and have been loving him for years now. Gonna do a quick post on his upcoming video "Power" tomorrow. Team Kanye!

  5. Hellz yes boo, Team 'Ye all friggin day! lol I can't wait to check out your post!

  6. good post dee & thanks for the lookbook love!

  7. i love this post because i COMPLETELY agree.

    check out my new blog pleasee :)

  8. If only you knew this man is definitely apart of the evil that is trying to turn the earth into a one world power.

  9. lol, maybe he is...maybe he isn't. until the day that the words "i am a part of the illuminati" fall out of his mouth, me & him are cool. but i must say, my views for him will definitely change after that day.

  10. OOOh, Kanye. I can't help but like him myself, or rather his music since I don't really know him. I feel like he is kind of at conflict with himself. My opinion...He needs to get back to God like he was! Jesus walks!!

    Did you say illuminati? don't even get me started! I could go on about that stuff forever, my husband is sick of me talking about that, lol

  11. I love Ye too. I love how much of an artist he is---from his emotional outburts, to his highly inspired music. If you have a creative-emotional brain you cant hate him for his ego or personality. I understand it completely.

  12. really really good post.
    im also a big fan of Kanye (even if i want the old kanye back!) but i will ever respect his work and his amazing creativity.

    P.S: indeed we have a LOT in common !
    love your blog.

  13. I like Kanye too but I co-sign with Dee-O that illuminati is a turnoff.

  14. It's funny how I just saw this after having an argument a couple of weeks ago about Kanye. Alot of people I know are turned off for the same reasons that make the kid so damn interesting! If I had to describe him in two words, it would be "got balls". There's an uncanny transparency to his whole brand that takes a mad dose of confidence to play off so comfortably. U rightfully mentioned Imperfection and I think that's his greatest asset - just his awareness of it and willingness to embrace it. Then the creativity, experimentation and intelligence in his work. It's consciously mainstream, if I may, but it goes a long way when a rapper comes off pretty well read and I could just go on...after all is said and done, dude stands tall, stands out and it outstanding on so many levels! Thanks for posting as usual!



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