August 5, 2010

Somewhere I Wanna Go

Maryam Nassir Zadeh is the owner of a gorgeous boutique on the Lower East Side of NY which bears her name. I find this stylist/store owner to be utterly amazing because of all the wondrous items she fills her store with. From clothing made by unique designers to rocks & crystals found in foreign locations; from vintage leather oxfords to the most intriguing jewelry one has ever laid eyes on; and from colorful art pieces to textiles from Africa, all the things that possess simple beauty and much more can be found in this boutique. I've never been to this place but I would absolutely love to stop by some day soon.

A post featuring specific items from this boutique that I found possess those good good qualities will be following this post. To check out the this boutique's magnificent online store, click here


  1. This place looks nice, I'll have to stop by the next time I'm on the LES lol. And I like the other post you did with the items from the store...very interesting & unique things in this store

    Are you on bloglovin'? I'd like to follow you there :D


  2. Looks like a great store; definitely will have to check it out!

    now following- hope you'll do the same!

  3. wow great looking store, good atmosphere!!


  4. Leah Chen8/18/2010

    I've been there before! It really is beautiful :)



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