October 7, 2010

Fall Into Fashion

Fall is finally here (for me at least). I love fall so much because I enjoy fall fashions so much! My closet consists of so many sweaters/cardigans, scarves/snoods, boots, jackets, etc. It’s quite ridiculous actually, I end up wearing sweaters during the summer because I have so many. So since the weather is finally changing, I think it is time to discuss some fall fashion. There are a bunch of trends that will be present during this season such as animal prints, capes, velour, really wide pants, camel, etc, the list goes on and on and on. It is a great idea to incorporate some of these trends into your wardrobe but do not forget to bring your own individual style this season too! Don’t be a photocopy of what you see in magazines and in runways shows, be yourself! 

So with that being said, here are a few of the looks that I will be going for this fall… 
Really Really Big ScarvesScarves are like books & muffins…the bigger the better! The scarves in the following photos were all knitted by the woman wearing them, Yokoo. I have never seen such amazing scarves in my entire 19 years on this planet and they are so big! Bless her fingers! She is immensely talented at knitting and sells her beautiful creations online, check out her website by clicking here.

Capes/PonchosThese have been dubbed a trend for Fall 2010 and I do love the way they look. They are a nice alternative to your standard trench coat. I don't have one yet but they are on the top of my "to buy" list.

Joggers/Tapered SweatpantsThe joy and comfort of wearing sweatpants and the thrill of looking chic all at once! What more could a girl ask for, especially since I like looking good while being comfortable. And these are really affordable, you can find at a lot of stores ranging from Topshop & H&M to Forever 21 & Charlotte Russe.

Vintage SweatersThese lovely pieces make up quite a chunk of my closet. What I love most about them is their uniqueness. Every single one has different colors and patterns. And they are so easy to wear, just throw them on over a pair of tights, throw one on with some jeans, or throw one on with a dress and you are good to go. They can be found at your local thrift/vintage store (I find the best ones in the mens section).

What will you be rocking this fall?


  1. Okay, those scarves are WONDERFUL! I have never seen any that big, they look really good. She is talented! And I love vintage sweaters, I will be wearing those this fall :) Also I will be wearing the leopard print trend!!

  2. Anonymous10/07/2010

    JOGGERS!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!! Bought 5 pairs last week and CANNOT stop wearing them!

  3. the cape and the sweaters.

  4. I hardly have a neck so I can't even wear regular scarves...:( sucks to be me lol

  5. gotta love the yokoo scarves. they're ridiculously cool!

  6. @Tayo.O, I know! I absolutely LOVE those sweaters, I plan on ordering one the second I get money lol

    @Anonymous, I love them too! I have 2 pairs (a grey one and a black one) and they are just so comfy but not sloppy looking!

    @Elisa K., thank you!

    @Melissa~, thank you for commenting!

    @FALEN, awww it's ok! I have a short neck too but I wear big scarves anyway lol :)

    @Chloƫ, they really are. I am obsessed with them, I can't wait to buy one!

    Thank you for the comments!

  7. Vintage sweaters all day everyday!!!! :)

  8. if it were still fall here over @ my side... vintage sweaters definitely! :D

  9. Ohhh I already have two scarfs that are HUGE! I am also getting into the sweaters thing! I love fall!!

  10. Hello!
    I effin' love the scarves, my goodness, I want one. Capes, not so much. Some girls can pull it off, me? I don't think so. I do like the skinny sweatpant trend. That could be really cute, && of course totally comfy.
    The things I am looking forward to this fall is cargo pants! With pretty much everything. && of course I am still going to be wearing my boyfriend blazer.


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  12. These are amazingg!!!
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  13. fabulous post - lots of inspiration x

  14. Thank you for the comments :)

  15. Love all those pics! I'll prolly be rocking alil of everything. We'll see!


  16. capes, scarves, joggers, ill take it all!!!!!


  17. love the big scarves, capes, oversized sweaters and of course boots!
    Come Follow xoxo

  18. Wow love these big scarves .. really cute!
    Thanks for stopping by. =)

    Peace & Love

  19. i will definately be rocking the sweats and vintage sweater and the scarf if i cant find one of that massive size

    Vi from Cali

  20. love every single outfit in this post!

  21. Thank you guys so much for commenting, it's greatly appreciated :)

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  23. I'm loving capes and the vintage sweaters!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog btw.


  24. I will be rocking the sweat pants and sheer maxi skirts for fall :-) xoxoxoxoo

  25. Thanks for the sweet comment.
    It's such a lovely Blog you have here :)
    xx, Alice from bells and whistles

  26. Anonymous10/09/2010

    I have never seen a scarf so big in my life but of course I love it. Plus vintage sweaters have always been cool at least to me. Love your blog and your writing style is wonderful. You have a new follower in me.

    Watch Me Dress

  27. Ok I really want to learn to knit my own scarves even though I live in Houston and I will never need them AND I am dying for those jogging pants! I have tried on a couple diff ones so far, but no winners yet!


  28. The last picture of the scarves is my favourite !! HAha. So cute ;-)

  29. Thank you guys for these comments, I appreciate them a lot!!! :)

  30. awesome choices! I'm for knitted scarves and vintage sweaters :)
    and thank you very much for your lovely comment ♥

    have a nice sunday!

  31. I'm all about clogs and sky high boots this fall, but those ginormous scarves look pretty tantalizing... :)

  32. Yemi U.10/10/2010

    I knit too but I could never ever ever ever ever EVER knit anything that big! WOW! It must take her forever to make those scarves but they look great! I'm so jealous lol, the tan one she's wearing must be like 7 feet long! Simply amazing.

  33. Cute shots, nearly makes me wish it were heading into winter over here but we're finally having days of over 20 degrees so I'll have to put the ponchos and capes into storage for a bit!
    I see you like thrifting (op shopping)... check out my blog, I love finding bargains and turning them into something even better so maybe you can get some cheap chic ideas!

  34. Thanks for visiting my blog because now I have a new fashionista to talk fashion with. I love your blog. I will be following you girl.

    The Street Etiquette blog is also amazing!! These brothers are doing their thing.

    You can come back anytime and follow me if you want.

    I love the big scarves and the leopard print. I am getting one for this fall and I hope to find the right print dress in preparation of my next trip.


  35. Thank you for the comments :)

    and @Fourth Daughter, I will check out your blog right now!

  36. My fave is the oversized scarf, I think they're gorgeous!


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  40. I def love the huuuuge scarves!! but all are great! I absolutely love your blog, you have an awesome taste in music and style!! def becoming a follower :))


  41. love capes and scarves this season! I will be rocking loads of scarves :)

  42. I'm determined to find a great cape for fall. I keep checking in at my local thrift shops so I can find a really unique piece. *fingers crossed* I'll stumble upon something great.


  44. I do love capes, they look so chic and current but boy, they just DO NOT look good on me!


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  45. Wow, thank you for all of these comments :) I read & appreciate every single one!

  46. i totally have to reblog the look with sweat pant and wedge heels look out for it

  47. love these looks! so sad i had on sweatpants and heels the other day, because it was raining, and i actually rolled my ankle- because i was running across the Quad trying to get out of the rain... anyways cool blog!!!

  48. Definitely agree with all your suggestions... except that I'm about to enter summer! I still love my cape coat - it's lightweight enough even for warm days.

  49. Those scarves truly are hugggggggge....but beautiful.

    I also crochet if you'd like to check out my blog, here's my featured post.



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