October 27, 2010

Just A Few Recent Purchases...

Here are just a few items that I have purchased recently. I decided to add a couple non-thrift items to the mix as well. Even though the first 2 shoes were not purchased at thrift stores, I think I still got great deals on them both! I am an extremely frugal person when it comes to shopping, but I only buy items that look good. If it is dirt cheap but doesn’t look good, I won’t buy it and I think that is a very important rule to live by. Often we buy things just because they are cheap and we end up not wearing them anyways. You will save more money by not buying the item at all than by buying it because the price was low and just letting it hang in your closet! 

Non-Thrift Items:

These black patent leather oxfords are currently my favorite pair of shoes in my entire closet. Definitely the best $1o.oo I’ve ever spent. No I did not make a typo, were only $1o.oo and they were originally $50.00!! I bought them at Kohl’s which was pleasantly surprising because I don’t usually find much there but that is why I always check the clearance rack anywhere I go! Here is how they look from the side..

I love the color of these suede pumps. They are Steve Madden but I only spent $21.oo on them! Well, this was with my employee discount (I work at Famous Footwear lol). They were $3o.oo but I got them for 3o% off.

Thrift Items:

Gotta love animal print! This blouse has a nice baggy fit, I really like it. The cost was $3.5o.

The cropped top cost $3.5o

I was so pleased when I found this floral blazer and at just $4.oo it was too nice for me to pass up! Here is a close up of the floral print..


This sweater top was $3.50. Here is a close up of the pattern..

Another pair of vintage earrings. These are clip-ons that don’t hurt my ears :) They cost $1.97.

To view my 1st thrift haul post click here, the 2nd post is here & the 3rd thrift haul post is here.

And here are 2 songs that have been on heavy repeat lately on my iPod..
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  1. What amazing thrift store finds!! Those flats are perfect, and that electric blue is one of my favorite colors EVER, love the pumps and that animal printed blouse is GORG!

  2. Anonymous10/27/2010

    Oooh I like those sweaters. They're very cute & you got them for less than $5 WHAT A STEAL ;)

  3. OMG NO YOU DID NOT BUY THOSE OXFORDS FOR 10 BUCKS!!! At Kohl's?!? Are they still there cause I need a pair too lol! And that blazer was only $4??? Sheesh...you are a beast :)

  4. i clicked the follow button just now and dmn i love this blog! i think this is gonna be my fave for many weeks. :)

    um, question though.. how do you encrypt the mp3 player on your post? what site do you use? cos it's so convenient and i want to learn how to do that for my blog as well. thanks a lot. much love from the philippines :)


  5. I've looking a pair of them, I couldn't find them yet... Actually yesterday I was at the mall looking form them but not luck at all I end up buying a bag haha... This are great purchases ;) loveeeeee thrifts stores and I hope u'll show us outfit pctures


  6. Ok now I'm completely jealous of all your finds. The sweaters, the shoes, love it.


  7. OMG! I must go shopping with you!!!!

  8. I'm jealous...I love all ur finds

  9. I like the stuff you got! The earrings at the end are so pretty :] And I love the sweaters omg you are so lucky..

    and thank you for the songs...i hadn't heard either of them but i liked them both and i'm going to download them right now lol!

  10. Love, love, love the cropped top and the Steve Madden heels. I am also loving the burberry glass case. I adore your stuff, if u notice I always compliment something u have on whether it be a ring or shoes. LOL, u are so fashionable, u mix up ur clothing very well.=)

  11. yeah...so im SUPER jealous :) thnx for checkin the blog out.

  12. Oh geez- that yellow and black cardi (sweater thing-a-ma-whatsit) is one of the absolute coolest things I've ever seen.

    And I'm glad to see there's someone else who believes in the power of thrifting: people don't believe some of the finds you can make, much less their price. <3

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! And I'm sure you could pull off a pair of lenses: you could always go for a very basic pair in a colour close to yours. Freshlooks has some pretty cheap colour lenses, and I happen to know that Pure Hazel from the Colorblends sereis is universally natural and pretty.

  13. @Lexy of BeautyFash, thank you! I really like the blue shoes too..they just make any outfit pop! lol :)

    @Anonymous, haha I know! I am very happy with the prices!

    @Sade Jaye, lol forreal though! I don't know if they are still there though, there were only 3 left at the Kohl's near where I live and me and my 2 sisters bought them up! lol

    @Zeng Daria, thank you sweetie! That is too sweet of you lol, I commented on your blog and put the link I used in my comment so hopefully it's of some help!

    @vivalablonda, lol I do that all the time...I go to the mall with the intention of buying something and I end up buying something totally different!

    @Sing, lol thank you!! I love the sweaters too..even though I already have too many I just cannot stop buying them!

    @Blessing, lol you must!! I get so lucky, I don't know what it is..but I can teach you guys how to get lucky with shopping to so you won't even need me! Lol

    @Beautiful Sundays, aww thank you! I am happy with them as well :)

    @M1dn1tE.STunN3R, aww thanks! Yeah I'm in love with those clip ons but they are really big lol..and you are so welcome for the songs! Those 2 songs are in my "relaxation" playlist...they are just so chill and nice to listen to when you are trying to simmer down :)

    @Jane, aww thank you boo boo! I know you like my glasses case because you tried to steal it that one day lmao..but all is forgiven :) Thank you for the compliments you are too sweet!

    @laurennicole, lol thank you for stopping by & you are very welcome!!

    @♥ Noxin ♥, I know, I love it too!! It looks so much cooler in person, the photos does it no justice lol..and I DEFINITELY believe in the power of thrifting..I feel it's the easiest was to achieve your own, unique looks for a very very low price! And hmmm...I guess I could give the lenses a whirl lol.

  14. very cool buys! :)

  15. Y0u sure do have an eye for a good bargain! That's what's up!

    I love those shoes, brand new for a 10er, well done. And the animal print top is my favorite. Lovely. You have a great blog too! Eve from Eveshouse.blogspot.com

  16. I just went through your playlist...all of the music on this blog is amazing! You have great taste in fashion and in music!! Great job & great blog!

  17. You are right about buying things that you don't like just because they are cheap! I follow the same rules now when it comes to my clothing. Great finds:-)

  18. Anonymous10/28/2010

    I'm guilty of buying clothes because they're cheap and never wearing them. Or getting tired of never wearing them and throwing something together and not feeling comfortable in it.
    Nice blog

  19. great purchases! especially on the oxfords. i just bought some for 20 at aldo. i am still unsure how i want to wear them...

  20. @ching,thank you for stopping by! :)

    @Eve, thank you SO much! I really do! Lol

    @M1dn1tE.STunN3R, thank you so much, I'm so glad to hear you like my music!!

    @Naturally Fashionable, thank you! And yes, I live and breath by that rule lol :)

    @Janeen, I cannot lie, I am guilty of doing it too at times but I really try not to because I hate wasting money! Thank you :)

    @anhesty, thank you! I love them too they are so nice! And I wear mine with EVERYTHING...jeans, leggings, dresses, maxi skirts, you name it! There are a million and one ways to wear them!

  21. Love the floral blazer!

  22. You scored some great finds. I love the animal print shirt and the cute sweaters.
    Thrifting is amazing!

  23. wow you got really good bargains, especially that leopard print blouse. in london vintage stores are becoming soooo expensive, they're selling things wayyy above what they did 4/5 years ago. sucks

  24. oh great buys! especially the first few items

    Vi from Cali

  25. Gorgeous finds as usual <3 You really should start selling vintage clothing online or something! I would definitely buy from you, I adore your taste :)

  26. You've actually turned me into quite the serial thrifter lol, it's quite crazy!!!

  27. i love your stuff!!! that last sweater top is so adorable :) and my fave color!

  28. Props to your thrifting skills! Good eye! Love those oxfords too!

  29. great finds, i love those black oxfords!

  30. These are amazing finds. I love that floral blazer!!

  31. I'm so jealous of your thrift finds, they are all so great items with good prices! I want all of your items, especially the ones in your other thrift haul posts, hehe. :P


  32. too gorge for words :)


  33. Anonymous11/21/2010

    love those $10 loafers! What a steal. Tie up loafers are supposed to be a really hot item over the next few seasons. Those shoes with high-waisted trousers and a cute blouse. Beautiful! Cant wait for the 70's glam trend to get into full effect next year! One of my favorite looks of all time. :-)



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