October 19, 2010

For Those Who Wear the Conscious Cloud

We live from the head down and not the feet up.
And I'm adorned with the crown that's making this up. And I'm fine under cloud 9 ...

For every girl, boy, woman, or man who has ever been told that their natural hair is not the beautiful, powerful, marvelous, awe-inspiring & worthy crown that it is.

Press Play
Cloud 9 by Donnie

Happy to be nappy, I'm black and I'm proud
That I have been chosen to wear the conscious cloud. And I'm fine under cloud 9

There is soul in your locks. There is vitality in your curls. There is strength in your coils. 
Your hair is the physical manifestation of the power that you possess.
 It was handcrafted by the Creator himself; He twisted every lock, molded every curl, and shaped every coil. He took His time to make you look special.

Because this world can be so harsh and give you rocks instead of pillows, you will always have a soft place to lay your head

Because this world told tells you that you aren’t enough, your hair reaches out toward the heavens to compensate for the difference

Because this world can make you cry; when you lower your head in pain as the tears fall, your hair still stands tall with pride

Because this world tells you that you aren’t beautiful, you were given a cumulonimbus of your own that the sky itself envies

You are your hair because your hair is beautiful. 
Therefore, you are beautiful too.

(I had been inspired lately by the song Cloud 9 and other things such as the "I Love My Hair" video from Sesame Street and I really needed to write this.)

Photo Credit: Kwesi Abennsetts


  1. Love this! Definitely made me smile :)

  2. aww..I love the quotes and sayings...very inspirational....

    thank you for your comment on my blog....keeping you in my list!!!!


  3. Anonymous10/19/2010

    Your writing is superb & your words are powerful & inspiring.

    Good Job!

  4. Wow, you wrote that? DOPE!

  5. I really like this, this just made me smile because I have this friend who keeps on making comments about my hair being too frizzy or too nappy and he says it jokingly but deep down it hurts me. I laugh but when I am alone I stare at myself in the mirror and think maybe my hair makes me ugly but at the end of the day I AM MY HAIR because it is BEAUTIFUL n so I am BEAUTIFUL TOO. So up yours to my friend. LOL

  6. wow..i'm speechless. but first of all, let me thank you for sharing the song because i had never heard it before and it really is beautiful secondly, your writing is SUPERB! you are so right, i love how u kind of veered from india.arie's song because she kept saying how we AREN'T our hair when we ARE our hair! Our natural hair really is beautiful :) thank you dee, this really touched me

  7. Yemi U.10/19/2010

    very true and very well put! thank you for sharing this, we all need to be reminded of this every now and then

  8. Couldnt of said it any better, love this!


  9. @GG, thank you so much hun, I'm glad it did!

    @sweet, you are very welcome and I'm glad you liked the quotes and such :)

    @Anonymous, thank you so much, that really means a lot to me!

    @Abbie, yeah I wrote this, I was feeling very inspired today lol. Thank you!

    @Jane, thank you so so so much for your kind words and I am so sorry to hear that about your friend :( But it seems like you've got the right idea lol, you ARE very beautiful Jane, don't listen to what anybody else tells you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your hair :)

    @Sade Jaye, thank you so much! I'm so glad to hear that my words touched you, that really makes me happy! :) And I'm glad you noticed that contradiction to India.Arie's mantra lol...I love that song and I love India.Arie but I think she was a little bit off lol

    @Yemi U, thank you so much and yes, it is important that we are reminded and I am happy that I was able to be the one to remind you lol!

    @7Teen Twenty2, thank you so much, I so glad you love it!

    I really appreciate all of these comments, I know this is slightly different from the things I usually post but it was something that has been on my heart for the past couple days because I was recently told by someone I considered a friend that my natural hair wasn't flattering on me at all and that he prefers me with a long weave in my hair..smfh. It really hurt me because my natural hair is who I am, and it just really bothered me because it was actually the first time I had been told that. It made me start thinking about all of my friends who have told me stories about people making hurtful comments about their hair and then I got to thinking about all of the other naturals out there who have most likely been hurt by something someone said about their hair so I really wanted to share my mind:)

  10. I love it :)
    Check This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz5nlr8oujA

  11. This made me want to take the sew-in weave out of my hair and rock my little baby afro! awesome post, very moving! and i'm sorry to hear that someone said something hurtful about your hair, it really does hurt to hear that stuff :( you will be fine, i'm sure your hair is beautiful!

  12. Dee this is very thoughtful and majestically worded. I like your style. I dig that you got inspiration from one of my favorite soul albums of all time---"The Colored Section." If anybody hasn't heard this album, you are depriving yourself of some delicious soul food. I had the opportunity of seeing him live a few times and he blew me away. Excellent post!

  13. @Elisa K., thanks girl! And I saw the video!!! It also inspired me to write this :) It was very touching indeed!

    @Tayo.O,haha you are too funny! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

    @michelle_, thank you! I actually wrote that myself :)

    @Christielove, thank you so much I truly, truly, truly appreciate it!

    @Jason, thank you SO much! That means a lot coming from you since I regard you as an excellent writer yourself. And we are so in sync as far as musical tastes go, it's crazy! I'm jealous you got the chance to see Donnie, I hope to some day soon!

  14. AWESOME! :)

  15. Thank you Alicia & thank you Rachael! I really appreciate it :)

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  17. I love it! My love for my hair overpowers any one elses opinions!



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